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Online Booking
Easy booking option for the passengers to mitigate the manual dial and call struggle; merely through a click.
Real-Time Monitoring
The trip route, stats, feedbacks, fare and much more are showcased in the dashboard designed for admins.
Effective Service
Nearby drivers are notified of the job requests along with the minimal route to reach the pick-up location.

Drivers Job Made Easier

This app is designed to aid the drivers in doing their work by providing them with the multiple options. Some of them include: Job Notifications, Transparent Payments, Availability Status.
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Passengers Stress Eliminated

Earnest effort is put in to improve the passenger experience. For this, various options are introduced. Following are a few of them: Real-Time Tracking, Secure Communication, Instant Feedback.
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Owners Given Authority

Business owners are aided by providing them with a transparent overview of almost every activity taking place. Major attractions are as under: Trip Management, Fare Management, Vehicle Management.
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How CabStartup Works

See what benefits your company gets by shaking hands with CabStartup white label taxi dispatch solution. We help you in the white label software development that aids the on-demand booking requirements.
Automated Management
All the taxi business activities are automated. Digital billing and feedback methods are used. Real-time tracking through GPS is the major highlight.
Well-Built Apps
Bookings are made simple by the two-click solution. Records of rides maintained to enhance security and reliability. Taxi companies can target their market with customized applications.
Online Networking Stage
Distributed work access manages the team. Tasks controlled from the panel improve business productivity. Add-on of social login is provided to the app users.
White Label Taxi Solution
CabStartup can be rebranded according to your business requirement. It can be launched in your target market very quickly. It provides a high quality real-time cost-effective solution.

User-Friendly Applications

All the applications are made while keeping the usability as the foremost priority.
  • Easy To Use
    Users are not trapped in understanding the functionality due to complex design.
  • Targeted Content
    Apps are not stuffed with unnecessary info, to-the-point text serves as a guide.
  • Strong Back-end
    All the features shown are implemented properly also, so that no crashes occur.
  • Simple Interface
    Easily accessible options are provided to intensify the learning of users.


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