Admin Panel

Admin Panel Details

Main Stats
The admin can see the main stats for the following on the main dashboard: Total Drivers, Active Drivers, Inactive Drivers, Offline Drivers, Online Drivers, Verified Driver's, Unverified Drivers, Total Trips, Total Payment, Total Fee Collected.
Driver Tracking
Admin can see the drivers with the help of different colored dots on a map; each colored dot will represent a specific state of the driver.
Driver Filtering
Admin can filter the drivers he wants to see based on: Driver's status, Driver's verification. Admin can also check the fence of a particular city by choosing the specific city from a drop-down
Driver Management
Super admin can add new drivers, update or delete existing drivers. He can see the status of each driver. Admin can send push notifications, track drivers on the map and see their ratings and the time when they last used the app.
Passengers Management
Admin can see the complete details of all passengers, manage their accounts, view and update verification status, view the current location of a particular passenger, view full name, phone number, search passengers using the full name and phone number, filter passengers through their verification status and online status.
Vehicles Management
The admin can view all the vehicles added to the database, search for a particular vehicle using the year, brand or model, choose a particular service type and see all the vehicles added to that service type, add a new vehicle by entering, list the new vehicle in more than one category.
Payments Section
Complete payment history is available on this tab; admin can filter out the payment received in a particular period by specifying the FROM and TO dates and search the payments by entering Trip ID or invoice number.
Trips Management
This tab has the complete information of all the trips; the admin can use advanced search features and view all, in progress, and completed trips. He can search and filter the trips data using trip I.D, passenger name, driver name, passenger's phone number, driver's phone number.
Fare Management
The admin can see the regions he has already created, edit an already built fence or create a new one. This Geofencing feature allows the admin to do the create different service areas, choose which service type(s) to offer for each service area, set different fare rates for different service areas.
Promo Codes Management
As soon a passenger chooses the pickup point, the type of service and hits the ‘Confirm' button the request is sent to the nearest driver.
Account Management
Admin can manage his/her admin account, reset the password, change email, update profile image.
Admin can send notifications to a group of people, select what type of a notification is sent to the group of users, enter the text he wants to show in the notification and then can send it to the chosen group of users.
Admin can manage support Contacts, Google API Keys, Twilio Settings, Cloudinary Settings, Choose Language (English, French, Spanish), Choose Currency, Choose Date Format, Choose Distance Unit (KM, Mile), Choose Time Zone, Choose Payment Gateway, Choose Fare Calculation Formula.
Access Control Level (ACL)
This feature creates GROUPS with limited access to the admin panel features, create users accounts, assign the user to a group from the ones already available or new group, define the privileges of a group so the users can access the pages and features that are allowed to that particular group’s members.
The admin panel shows all the statistical data to the admin in an easy to understand manner, which includes: drivers, passengers, trips, payments. The reports can also be exported to excel.

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