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Trip Management

The app provides drivers with a user-friendly interface to manage their trips efficiently. This includes displaying upcoming pickups, drop-offs and trip details. Drivers can also accept or reject incoming trip requests based on their availability.

Real-time Navigation

Integration with real-time navigation tools like Google Maps or other apps can help drivers navigate to and from the airport efficiently. This feature provides turn-by-turn directions, traffic updates and alternate routes to avoid congestion.


In-App Communication

A built-in messaging system lets drivers and passengers communicate directly through the app. This can be useful for coordinating pick-up locations, sharing information and addressing any concerns without revealing personal contact details.

Queue Management

Implementing a virtual queue system for busy airports can help drivers avoid long wait times at the airport terminal. Drivers can enter the queue remotely and receive notifications when it’s their turn to pick up passengers, streamlining the process.


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Devoted Pickup Zones

The CabStartup application designates designated areas within the airport for passenger pickups, streamlining the process and facilitating driver identification, thus enhancing the efficiency of the pickup experience.


Simple Booking

Book Ahead, Arrive on Time: CabStartup’s Ride-Hailing App Lets Passengers Schedule Airport Pickup Rides, Providing Flight Details for a Punctual Pickup Experience.

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Trip Assignment

The dispatcher app allows administrators to assign incoming trip requests to available drivers. This involves reviewing driver availability, proximity to the airport and ensuring a fair distribution of trips among drivers.

Real-time Monitoring

Provide a real-time dashboard displaying the status and location of all active trips and drivers. This helps dispatchers track the progress of pickups and drop-offs, enabling them to intervene if any issues arise.

Flight Information Integration

Integrate with flight tracking APIs or services to receive real-time updates on flight arrivals and departures. This information helps dispatchers anticipate when drivers need to be ready for passenger pickups and manage any potential delays.

Queue Management

Offer a virtual queue management system for drivers waiting at the airport. Dispatchers can see the order in which drivers entered the queue and manage the distribution of trips, ensuring fairness and minimizing wait times.


Dashboard and Analytics

Provide a comprehensive dashboard that offers an overview of the entire operation. This includes visualizations and analytics on key performance indicators such as total trips, driver availability, revenue, customer feedback and more.

Trip Monitoring and Support

Offer real-time trip monitoring, allowing administrators to track the status of ongoing trips, review past trips, and intervene if necessary. Additionally, provide a support channel to effectively handle driver and passenger inquiries or issues.

Driver Management

Allow administrators to manage driver profiles, including adding new drivers, verifying documents, and updating driver information. This feature helps maintain an accurate and up-to-date database of drivers.

Reporting and Financial Management

Include tools for generating financial reports, invoices, and statements. This feature aids in tracking revenue, expenses, and overall profitability. It should also integrate with payment gateways and manage driver payouts.
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