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All You Need To Know, To Improve Your Taxi Business

It’s not a stretch to say that traditional taxi businesses are old news. Methods such as calling a taxi company or going out and holding your thumb up to hail a taxi are even less effective now than they used to be before. In the smartphone age, it would be foolish not to utilize the benefits smartphones offer to improve your taxi business through the use of dispatch apps and social media. Below are some methods to bring your cab business into the new age and experience all the benefits that come with it.

What is the System?

Cab Startup’s taxi dispatch software comprises different components, and each one serves specific purposes that work collectively to improve your business’ overall quality and therefore attracts even more customers.

Passenger Application

With the taxi dispatch passenger app, gone are the days when passengers would have to stand outside and look for taxis or when they would need to call the company and ask for a pickup with an ETA of five minutes, only for the taxi to arrive ten minutes later than guaranteed.
Now, with as little as three taps on Cab Startup’s passenger application, people can hail rides with ease and without any hassle; how this benefits you is that by creating a comfortable experience for your passengers, you are letting them know that you care about them and this, in turn, will develop a sense of loyalty within for you. After all, what can be more important for a business than loyal customers?

Driver Application

Before the advent of digital taxi systems, drivers would drive around neighborhoods and other busy places looking for rides, wasting precious time and fuel. Cab Startup’s taxi dispatch driver app removes this problem by directly notifying drivers of nearby passengers in need of their services; this way, drivers spend less time looking for rides and spend more time completing trips and thus bringing in more revenue which increases the company’s profits.

Admin Panel

Without a digital system, the company administration is entirely in the dark about what is happening out on the field. The admin cannot keep track of their drivers, of the rides, of the exact amount of money the drivers are making on said trips, etc. Moreover, keeping track of the company’s logs, finances, and other essential files was a hassle seeing as how there was no proper system to keep it all in place.
With Cab Startup’s Admin Panel, your company’s administration can have ‘an eye in the sky’ that allows the admin to track and manage trips, users, sales, etc. Managing the company’s finances is also made more accessible since the panel provides detailed accounts of expenses (such as salary), profits, revenue generated, etc. All this contributes to improving company performance as a whole.

Who are the motivated drivers?

The primary goal for any taxi business should be ensuring that the customers have a comfortable and pleasant experience. Seeing as how the drivers are the ones who directly interact with customers, it falls on them to make sure that the customers have a satisfying experience during their trip. To be able to do this, drivers must be motivated and committed to their jobs, and the motivated drivers are those who love what they do and have a desire and willingness to help others, and not just for the sake of a paycheck.

How to know which drivers are motivated?

This is where Cab Startup’s digital system comes back into play. The passenger app allows users to rate their driver out of five stars, and should they choose, write a review regarding their experience with the driver. This rate and review feature comes in handy for the administration when deciding which drivers deserve appreciation and rewards for their efforts. It can also help the admin figure out which drivers are not meeting the required standard of service and enables them to take further action if such an issue arises.

Social Media

To create your space in the taxi industry, you are going to need to expand your business. To do this, you need to reach out to a broader audience and gather a more significant loyal following. The best way to achieve this is to utilize the growing power of social media.
A proper social media approach can bring many advantages since social media is the best place for advertising your services and connecting with potential customers. Every social media platform has a unique personality, and you need to be aware of how to mold your message around those personalities to attract more people to your business.

Promo codes and Discounts

Customers love nothing more than quality service that comes with a discount or some added benefit. You can allow them to avail these benefits by using promo codes. You can advertise said promo codes on your social media accounts, on the passenger app itself, by sending text messages to regular customers who have agreed to receive messages from you, and by placing QR code stickers on inside your taxis. Customers can scan them and apply the discount they offer for the next ride.


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