Apps for the Taxi Services: Must for The Survival of a Taxi Company

In the last five years, earning a profit from traditional taxi services has declined considerably. Competition is fierce, that is why cheaper transport providers are stepping in. Uber-like booking apps for the taxi services are taking the market away from the companies providing taxi services in a traditional way. The reality is that Uber-like Apps for Taxi service are here to stay and make an impact on the industry.

If you’re running a taxi business, and you’re looking into developing an independent Uber-like taxi service. Getting a taxi app solution is mandatory. The trend of taxi app is touching to the new heights of success. Apps for Taxi service can deliver remarkable benefits to business owners with the help of modern technologies.

There are many types of cab booking apps in the market. Today, every transport company needs to get a cab booking app to survive in the competition. A mobile app for a taxi company can make it easier for their customers to book a ride. It enables business owners to expand their customer base. A taxi app makes the life of drivers easier as they can quickly get rides online, which saves their time and increase the chances of earning more money.

The transport companies provide an outclass service to their clients in various parts of the world. Riders can select from a list of destinations or put in an address themselves, and choose their preferred car type. They pay the ride’s fare according to the available payment options. The app tracks the booking history of both riders and drivers. A variety of other features are available for this app that include driver’s location IDs and taxi tracking for the customers.

A Taxi Booking App:

If you don’t have a garage for taxi parking, a fleet of cars and driver as your employees, but you still want to enter the taxi market, there’s another option that you can provide to your customers in which you can offer a mobile booking service to them. Below are the two separate ways of doing a taxi business:

1. The Simple Solution for A Taxi Business (Freelance Driver Model) Like Uber :

The simple taxi booking solution involves a single app for customers that includes different car types with different rates. Customers will have the ability to book a cab via an app. It might add a map with destination points and an approximate calculation of the price of the ride according to the shortest route available.

In this option, you don’t need a server of your own. If you are interested in this solution, you can check a sample from our available systems that we have developed for many companies.

Our delivered solution includes an admin panel, using which you can manage your drivers, passengers, service regions, set fare calculation rate for different service types, check the statistics and generate reports as well.

In this model, the drivers registering themselves on your platform will be freelance drivers having their own cars, this option allows the drivers to work as per their convenience. The drivers earn their commission against the rides they perform.

2. A Detailed Taxi Business:

A more complex and full-featured taxi booking solution requires you to invest in backend development in addition to the frontend. Therefore, you’ll need a server. It may require to establish partnerships with taxi companies having a good number of drivers as their employees and offer two separate apps; one for riders, the other for cab drivers.

Apps like these use the internal GPS of the device to identify the current location of a user who has booked a taxi and notifies the nearest driver. It can monitor drivers’ current status of arrival. Requests are sent to the server. To have up-to-date information about the location of a customer, our developed apps send location coordinates to server very frequently. To build an excellent taxi app that is convenient to use, and reliable, hire a professional taxi app development company.

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Features of A Taxi App Solution:

Great apps for taxi service include the following features:

1. Location Tracking:

Uber tracks your location all the time, which helps to find the nearest driver within seconds. Once a taxi service is booked, Uber shows the status of the driver arriving to pick you. If you want your app to track a rider’s location, an app shows an interface for users to enter their data that helps in finding the place.

Cost to build Taxi App Like Uber

2. Integration of Maps:

The primary source of location for Uber is Google Maps, which shows a representation of a user’s surroundings. The location specified by the server is translated into a readable address that shows location status of customers and drivers.

3. Fare Calculation Algorithms:

Uber calculates the fare keeping in mind the base fare that depends on the area and selection of the car, cost per minute, cost per mile, and booking fee.

4. Payment Options:

Various payment gateways are already integrated with our solution to process credit/debit card payment, some payment gateways integrated with our solution include: Braintree, Stripe and Connekta. Cash option, credit/debit card option is available for the passengers to pay for the ride availed.

5. Rating System:

Uber is considered to be more reliable than traditional taxi services because both riders and drivers get detailed information regarding taxi services before and during the ride. Rating system boosts the rider’s and driver’s sense of control and security. Implementing the rating system in your app is helpful for your taxi business success.

6. Driver-Focused Features:

Today, more taxi apps like Uber are emerging around the world, which is increasing the competition for Uber. Uber might face a threat from your taxi app as well if you use a quality system to build your taxi app.

Competing for getting more customers and good drivers is a big challenge for new ride-hailing services. Therefore, the taxi app development company that offers the most perks to drivers can become successful, which is possible by hiring professional services for getting a taxi app.

If you want to get an app for your taxi company like Uber, you need professional services of a taxi app development company. Our company provides a taxi solution that includes apps for both the driver and the customer.

We also provide custom taxi app development services for the transport industry, covering all types of ride-hailing services. We offer comprehensive solutions for your taxi company like Uber, Lyft, and a lot of other businesses. If you want quality apps for Android or iOS, contact us today.

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