Selection of Best Rideshare Apps with Evaluation Criteria

The number of ridesharing apps is growing every day in the US. Citizens often ask about the best app in terms of quality and financial management. Ridesharing drivers – which now account for over one percent of American households – also show keen interest.
It is unfair to decide about the best rideshare app based on a single parameter. Besides, it is also unwise to compare modules for passengers and drivers simultaneously since they significantly vary. Analysts at CabStartup pick one rideshare app for driver and passenger each. Following is the criteria for best passenger side apps followed by editor’s pick.

Criteria for Best Rideshare Apps (Passengers)

The assessment of best rideshare apps varies for different ranking agencies. Some value user-experience the most whereas others emphasize security. Again others focus on economic factors. CabStartup evaluates ride-hailing apps for passengers based on the following evaluation criteria.

1. Economic rides

While having many options at their disposal, urban residents prioritize economy – particularly when they travel frequently. To ensure reasonable fare calculation, top companies are using multiple algorithms. For instance, an efficient system should calculate fare based on time consumed as well as by distance covered. Besides, driver and passenger should be able to pause meter with mutual consent and administrators’ approval if vehicle breaks down. The app should allow carpooling to enable passengers to divide fare. However, carpooling should also ensure that it only picks nearby passengers to prevent excessive time consumption. Bonuses and promotions are parts of every ridesharing marketing model. Ineffective application of promotional discounts irks passengers who end up adopting an alternate option.

2. Availability

Saving money is a priority but time is money too. A corporate worker aims to reach workplace on time whereas a movie enthusiast wants to enter cinema before show starts. Every passenger values time. Thus, the vehicle should reach the riders’ location in at most five minutes. Besides, it should be accessible at all times including past midnight and peak time. The number of operational regions is significant too. Via would have been the best app for passengers if it offered services in a considerable number of cities (No spoiler intended). However, it operates in only three US metropolitans as yet. Passengers who need to visit various cities should not require more than one app.

3. Payment Flexibility

It is rare to find a passenger who carries complete amount of dollars and cents in hard cash. Developers of app should not expect that passengers will pay full amount all the time. Thus, the top on-demand mobile apps provide the flexibility to pay via a range of methods. Credit Card and PayPal are most widely used payment methods in the US. Moreover, top companies also provide the facility to maintain a virtual wallet. The passengers can recharge balance or pay a previously unpaid fare. In the latter case, the in-app balance appears with a negative symbol as a sign of outstanding payment.

Why is Uber best taxi app in USA for Passengers?

Uber is undeniably the best choice for US ridesharing consumers when evaluated with above three parameters. The fare calculation is the most reasonable with lesser per kilometer and minute charges. Moreover, the base fare is also less than other top apps. However, peak time surcharge is substantially higher. Statistics from the company reveal that the service is available in 267 US cities – the most for any ridesharing service. By the end of 2018, the company held a 69.6% market share in the US. There is no significant drop in share despite growth of rival Lyft and scores of other businesses.
Although Lyft alongside other rideshare apps is growing with time, yet Uber manages to maintain its market share. Moreover, since March 2017, Uber attracted more customers than Lyft. Uber offers a number of payment methods to facilitate passengers. Recently, it also started the facility of virtual wallet labeled as Uber Cash which enables travelers to fill the balance upfront.

Criteria for Best Rideshare Apps (Drivers)

The driver module of apps usually differs from passenger modules. Following points provide the criterion for citing best apps for Rideshare drivers.

1. Significant Earning without Influencing Owners’ Profits

Some apps are inefficient in calculating fare – especially when customers have promotional discounts. A percentage of revenue goes to company while rest of it is driver’s earning. The app should ensure that promotion and bonuses have little impact on owners’ profits.

2. Navigation system Integration

Route optimization is one of the most crucial aspects of ridesharing services. The driver should be able to find the most appropriate route to customer’s pick and drop off location. Two of the primary factors making route an appropriate one include distance and traffic congestion. The integration of an effective navigation system enables drivers to save time and costs. Google Navigation and Waze are the most widely integrated systems by successful taxi apps. Developers should ensure that the passengers are also able to track the ride and get an expected time of arrival. Both route navigation and tracking should be occurring in real-time.

3. Dispute Settlement

Research on ridesharing experiences of customers and drivers indicates that disputes are occurring more frequently than one would imagine. Hence, a robust scheme is essential for best rideshare driver apps which quickly and efficiently ensures settlement. Effectiveness of customer satisfaction system is one of the key differences between traditional and on-demand taxi services. Traditional taxi management requires phone calls or in-person meetings for settling complaints. People rarely bother to go through this pain and prefer not to lodge complaints. Therefore, a ridesharing app should have a comprehensive quality assurance and customer satisfaction mechanism.

Lyft – the Best App for Ridesharing Drivers in USA

Lyft is the most driver-friendly app as evident from its fulfillment of above criteria. Many independent studies find that Lyft pays its drivers more than other top ride-hailing companies in the US. Some credible observers also confirm Lyft’s claim of paying $500 million worth of tips. Both Uber and Lyft have integrated route navigation and vehicle tracking systems. Passengers can track the ride in real-time while monitoring staff ensures surveillance. Lyft has an extensive system for customer support management which ensures that queries and complaints are settled in minutes.

Rebrand Our Uber App Clone

As our analysts find Uber and Lyft as the best rideshare service apps in the US, our cloud-based white label solution is a blend of Uber and Lyft characteristics. Besides, this solution also carries some unique features which are unavailable in top ridesharing apps including connection strength of passengers and drivers. It brings the flexibility to integrate more features in the future. You can rebrand our white label solution for your on-demand ride-hailing business. Start your free trial right now to evaluate our solution.

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