Best Uber Clone Script for Taxi Business Owners

Every business depends on proper research about the market, product, and competitors, target audience and their presence. A detailed study of all these things plays a major role in your success. In the taxi business, research about your competitors, marketing strategies, and knowledge about customer behavior can help you to build an effective business strategy. Are you running a taxi business and looking for the best Uber clone script to make your business successful? If so, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to discuss the best Uber clone for your taxi business and its features to grow your business successfully.

Cab Startup taxi dispatch solution.

CabStartup Uber clone is up to the latest industry standards. It offers · Reliable coding standards · Attractive UI/UX design · Additional Unique Features · 24/7 full technical support until your taxi app becomes live · Affordable price plans · Get your app under your Brand Name and Logo.

App under Your Brand Name and Logo:

CabStartup taxi app provides app under your brand name and logo. Passenger app, driver app, admin panel and dispatcher panel are based on your brand color or preferences.

24/7 Technical Support until the taxi app launch:

After signing the contract, a dedicated team will be working with you for app development completion as well as customer support services to guide you effectively in app submission and approval process in Google and Apple play store.

Affordable Price Plans:

CabStartup cloud-based taxi dispatch solution is suitable for small, medium, and large sized companies. We understand your business and suggest the most suitable package for your business needs. We provide: · Passenger Android app · Driver Android app · Passenger IOS App · Driver IOS app · Admin panel · Dispatcher panel We don’t compromise on quality and our standards that’s why we always upgrade our taxi software to the latest versions and update with exclusive features. In today’s world, everyone wants to be number 1 which creates a lot of competition to provide outclass software solution and services. Being number 1 takes a lot of time, dedication, and hard work. Below are some significant ideas to stand out from the competition.

CabStartup Features:

CabStartup features are distinctive which makes it stand out from other competitors with similar platforms. Here are some of the interactive features of CabStartup:

Auto Dispatching:

It is a simple, fast and enticing booking software for your clients online that track drivers in real time, fairly distribute jobs, track vehicle route and provides updated reports.

Web bookings:

Allows booking taxi online with our booking system. It is a user-friendly system that helps cab companies to make their business stronger and increase their revenue.

Scheduled bookings:

A feature of scheduled bookings allows to schedule a ride in nearly all cities where CabStartup is available.

Referral Code:

In order for your business to capture overall market share, our package offers you a feature of referral program in which passengers can invite and earn. Users can send invitations to their friends using email, SMS and social media.

Access Control level:

You can assign a different access level to your users. For example, you can allow users to view only driver related information or passenger related information. You can control all these access from your admin panel.

Wallet Feature:

Driver Wallet:

The driver can know how much amount he has in his wallet that he has to pay to admin when that amount is paid it will automatically be deducted from his wallet.

Passenger Wallet:

Wallet for the passenger, where users’ credit will be stored which he/she will be able to use for service requests in the future. Admin will also be able to add or deduct the passenger’s wallet. Passengers would be able to get the updated status if they pay more than the fare that was calculated for the ride.

Premium Support:

The feature of premium support allows the account manager to stay in touch with you and rectify any issue and keep the team aligned as well. As a premium client, your issues will be given highest priority and your issues will be resolved in the minimum time possible.


Geo-Fencing is a location-based service that allows business owners to send relevant messages to smartphone users who enter a pre-defined geographical area. It allows administrators to create a virtual barrier around a location on a map. CabStartup has adopted geofencing feature by setting up a geofence around the location of a passenger’s pickup, which when breached by the driver, automatically alerts the passenger via SMS.

Route Optimization:

The hired driver would be able to view a route from his current location to the pickup location of the passenger and after pickup can also view the route to reach the drop-off location from the pickup spot. The driver will be able to view navigation using Google Maps.

Payment Integration:

Master card, visa card, Braintree and Paypal are payment integration options for availing CabStartup taxi services.

Access Control:

Business owners will have complete access to advanced features like access control levels, which allow business owners to create accounts for your employees like finance manager, operations manager, business manager, and other people. You can allocate privileges to them, which means that you’ll define which pages/actions of admin they can access and which pages/actions they can’t access.

Promo Codes:

Many new startups are using promo codes and free trials to attract users to use their platforms. It is an exciting feature available in the CabStartup solution. In the admin panel menu, you will be able to see the ‘Promos’ option. If you click on it a new page will open, which will allow to see all the previously created promo codes and their details in a table and you would also be able to add a new promo. As an admin, you would be able to launch three types of promos i.e. Fixed Price Discount Promo, Percentage Discount Promo, and Free Ride Promo.

Send Notifications:

In the admin panel, there is an option of sending notifications as there would be situations in which you would like to send a notification to a group of app users, passengers or drivers.


It allows you to generate reports of passengers, drivers, trips, and payments. You would be able to filter out the data of passengers, drivers, trips, and payments by mentioning the dates and whether you need a report for active or inactive users. Trip-related reports can also be filtered based on the trip status that might include canceled, in progress, missed, or completed. All the generated reports can also be exported to excel.

Advanced Settings:

In the admin panel, you can apply settings according to your needs, like: you can set the Language of the platform (English, French, Spanish), Currency, Date Format, Distance Unit (KM, Mile), Time Zone, Payment Gateway (Braintree, Stripe, Conekta), Support Contacts (Email, Phone Number) and most importantly the Fare Calculation Formula.

Pickup /Drop off:

Passengers can select a pickup point from the search bar and select the desired location from the list. A passenger also has the option to choose a pickup location from Nearby, Recent, Airport, Train Stations, and hotels.

Fare Estimate:

The passenger can review estimated trip fare by providing pick up and drop off locations. The passenger can edit drop off, choose car type to view the estimated fare and can also generate the request from this screen. Excellency in services matters a lot in business success. Providing excellent service plays a crucial role in any business. Moreover, keeping an eye on your business and competitors and on the latest tech updates in your business is mandatory for your business success. Now, most of the taxi businesses are using online cloud-based taxi dispatch solution for their business. If you want to get a reliable solution, Sign up today! You can get a 14-day free trial.

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