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Bike Taxi Booking App

About Bike Taxi Industry

Bike-taxi was introduced a couple of decades back by a number of service providers to address the growing urban congestion. The advent of on-demand economy supplemented this industry with real-time service management software.

Some businesses also offer shared micromobility services that allow consumers to adopt peer-to-peer bikesharing. This model enables service providers to prevent cost of paying gig riders. Consumers get the nearest bike abandoned by previous rider and locate it using real-time map

Bike-taxi app solution and bike-taxi dispatch system play the same role for on-demand bike industry as cab dispatch system plays for the taxi industry. Consumers in hundreds of cities are utilizing on-demand bike and shared micromobility services for their economical viability and ability to save time relative to traditional taxi. 

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Services for Bike Taxi Startups

On-demand Bike Platform
Bike-taxi business should be generating sustainable profits within three quarters of the first year. Our experts assist you in developing a business scope and determining revenue models.
Market Research
A range of factors affect consumer behavior. We assist businesses in making segmentation of users based on geography, demography, and socioeconomic circumstances.
UX Enhancement
User experience is crucial for retaining consumers. CabStartup helps you in ensuring seamless experience for users by improving app performance and interfaces.
Business Branding
A brand name, its logo, the color scheme in apps and a bunch of other units integrate to form business branding. You can customize CabStartup platform as per your business needs.
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Who we are ?

Cab Startup provides high quality, real-time transport booking system to improve bike taxi fleet management. We help business owners in generating more revenue by efficiently seizing the market.

What we do ?

We help you get a quick head start by providing ready-made on-demand bike taxi solution, avoiding the hassle of having to go through a lengthy development process. We give a cost-efficient dispatch management software focusing on the customer satisfaction.

How we do it ?

Booking a ride using an on-demand taxi dispatch system is more favorable. We provide user-friendly applications on Android and Apple platforms, with choices to book both offline and online. We give safety the highest priority.

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