Birds Eye View of On-Demand Taxi Solution

Every person is well-aware with the technical development taking place in the world. Almost, every field is upgraded, and industries have revolutionized. Similar is the case with the transportation industry. Taxi companies have adopted the advanced ways of getting their tasks done. In this regard, on-demand taxi solution has been introduced which uses taxi dispatch software to automate the activities of the taxi companies.

This system comprises three primary applications which include:

  1. Driver Application

This application is specially designed for the drivers. They are hired by a particular taxi company, only if they meet the requirements of that company. Once they get registered, they get their login credentials. As soon as they log in, their history is maintained containing the records of their jobs and reviews. The passengers can easily choose their driver by looking at the ratings his previous customers have given each driver. A driver is notified as soon a job arrives, and he has the choice to accept or reject a job. He can even transfer his ride to any other driver near to his location. The drivers get the exact location provided by the passengers. It helps them avoid delays.

  1. Passenger Application

Passengers are provided with an option of tracking the driver’s route in real-time on the map; once they have submitted their pickup and dropped off location. The fare estimate is also given to the passengers. Passengers can share the ride details with their contacts as well. All these options enhance the security of the passengers.

  1. Admin Panel

Business owners use this panel and track the drivers, vehicles, and check the ratings provided by them. Records of fares paid are also maintained in the panel. It helps reduce the frequency of vehicle loss and getting cheated at the hands of the drivers in relevance to the money matters.

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