CabStartup Cloud Version has Launched!

Announcement for Tech Startups and Entrepreneurs!

Hello Tech Startups, Taxi Companies and Entrepreneurs! We have launched our CabStartup Cloud version for you with a free trial of 14 days. Sign Up today to get the benefits of a state-of-the-art cloud-based taxi dispatch system. Now you can have your own branded apps and complete taxi dispatch system in few bucks, no wait, no hidden fee. Just signup here and keep growing your business Cloud technology is reshaping the dispatch system, enabling you to carry out all your dispatch actions quickly. Cloud mechanism is becoming an inevitable part of every taxi business. Our Cloud-based taxi dispatch system has the potential to give a remarkable boost to your business growth. Cloud-based technology improves the work processes of employees and increases business efficiency. With Cabstartup cloud dispatch system, you will be able to dispatch rides efficiently and control all aspects of your business from any device, i.e., tablet, mobile, laptop, or PC.

How our Taxi Dispatch System will Benefit your Business?

A traditional dispatch system refers to the primary method that business managers use to instruct drivers regarding the next trip while a cloud dispatch system uses web-based technology to transform the simple concept into a well-planned system completely.

Which Features come with Cloud Dispatch System?

Cabstartup cloud system can be divided into various sections; each is designed to maximize a different area for your company’s success. Our taxi booking app comes with a plethora of features which will revolutionize your business.

Automated Dispatch with Cloud Technology:

An automated dispatching solution connects customers, drivers and admin managers with the dispatching software. The automated software improves communication, brings accuracy, and facilitates instant financial transactions. If the person managing the dispatcher is not available for the upcoming stream of booking requests, the dispatcher will be switched to auto dispatch mode.

Manage User’s App:

Our taxi dispatch solution allows managing all the activities of User’s App.

Manage Driver’s App:

Cloud-based taxi dispatch system assists in managing all the activities of the Driver’s app.


Cabstartup Cloud-based taxi dispatch system gives valuable insights to take crucial decisions to boost your business.

Multiple Payments:

Customers can make payments in various modes such as cash, cards, and wallets.

Track your Business:

Cloud-based taxi dispatch system enables you to track every action with the help of analytic tools and custom reports.

Improved Resource Allocation:

Cloud-based taxi dispatch system enhances the resource allocation for taxi dispatch. The automatic cloud dispatch reduces 95% booking time.

Increase Growth:

Our cloud-based white label taxi app will help in increasing the growth of your taxi business. It allows organizing your fleet that saves time. It will enable recruiting more cabs to increase your workforce.

Driver Control Module:

Managing your drivers has become more accessible than ever with our cloud dispatch system. You can add, delete, delay, or replace drivers as needed.

Advanced Settings:

The app offers advanced settings to set driver’s commision rate, assign vehicle, daily scheduling and setting the number of operations using a few taps.


Cloud-based software streamlines behind the scenes paperwork such as driver payment methods, and automatically generates invoices.

Booking Module:

Customers can easily select a destination to schedule a booking without any hassle.


Drivers can track customers’ location and customers can also track the driver’s location.

Fee control:

You can easily control fee depending on the conditions and circumstances. If the weather is terrible or there are any other problems, fares can be set accordingly for certain situations.

Zone to zone Fares:

You can create new zones easily as per requirement and easily set rules for each. This feature helps if you have to create additional fees for high traffic areas or long distance rides.

Short Messaging Service:

With a cloud dispatch system, you can completely control the notifications that drivers receive. You can send an urgent message when required.

Booking Conditions:

If you want to stop customers from booking rides at a particular time or resolving a current problem related to booking rides, customizable blocking features allows you to adjust booking conditions according to the circumstances. Our ride-hailing Cloud system allows recording calls from anywhere around the world. With the admin panel, you can manage overflow calls during peak hours, holidays, or any other times of extreme stress or critical condition.

Mobile Application:

Professional Layout:

Customers will prefer downloading an app with a professional logo, and a sleek display that increases generation of leads.

Unique Account:

You will have a personalized account and app that will be released under your branding. You will have full control over it.

Instant Booking:

Cloud-based taxi app allows customers to book a car instantly or easily schedule it for some other time without calling to anyone. These bookings can be paid through the app with PayPal or a credit card.

Feedback Feature:

Customers are encouraged to give feedback of their driver using a 5-star system that assists in improving the management. Administration team monitors the reviews and highlights the problems of employees to resolve them.

Website Management:

Cabstartup provides your taxi fleet a website with a complete bookings module and easy to use management panel.

Online Booking Module:

Besides from having your app, your website will feature a secure booking section with customer login.

Security in the Cloud:

Get the benefit of protection for your business data on the cloud. Our Cloud-based taxi solution provides ultimate security to the admin or the dispatcher. Moreover, it allows them access data from anywhere.

Cabstartup Cloud Dispatch System is customizable according to your needs

A cloud dispatch system means the company information is securely backed up on reliable servers. If you are looking for a reliable Cloud Dispatch software, We are ready to help! The implementation of a complex dispatching solution gives a positive customer experience. Cloud solutions effectively dispatch rides to multiple drivers across different locations making your business running effortlessly. We provide world-class cloud-based taxi dispatch solution, which ensures safety and security. If you want to get reliable taxi dispatch cloud-based solution, Sign up today!

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