Your Guide to Easy and Convenient Vehicle Rental

Our car rental service is designed to enrich your travel experience to new heights

Registration and Profile Setup

Drivers download the CabStartup car rental app, register using their personal information, and upload essential documents such as a valid driver’s license, identification, and insurance details.

Booking Management

The CabStartup car rental app provides drivers with information about bookings they’ve accepted. This might include details about the passenger, the pickup and drop-off locations, and the estimated fare.


Earnings Tracking

Drivers would likely have access to a dashboard that shows their earnings, completed trips, and other financial information. This feature would help drivers keep track of their income.


The car rental app includes a communication feature that allows drivers to contact passengers or customer support if needed.

Rental Period and usage

Users have access to the rental car for the agreed-upon period. Depending on the terms and conditions set by the rental provider, they can use the vehicle for their desired purposes, such as personal transportation, business trips, or leisure activities.

Return and Drop Off

Users return the car to the designated drop-off location at the end of the rental period. The rental provider may conduct another inspection to assess the vehicle’s condition and ensure wear and tear.


Selecting Dates & Times

Users specify the desired rental period by selecting the dates and times for pickup and drop-off. They can choose the duration that suits their needs, whether a few hours or a day.

Transparent Pricing

Our car rental service provides transparent pricing with no hidden fees. We offer modest rates and do our utmost to provide value for your money, allowing you to budget accurately for your transportation needs.

Vehicle and Driver Management

The CabStartup car rental app provides a central dashboard where the car rental company can manage its fleet of vehicles and drivers. Each vehicle and driver are registered in the system with relevant details, including vehicle type, availability, driver’s information and schedule.

Reservations and Bookings

Customers can make reservations through various channels such as the company’s website, mobile app, or even through phone calls. The dispatcher app captures these bookings and stores them in a centralized database.


When a new booking comes in, the dispatcher app suggests the most suitable available vehicle and driver based on factors like location, vehicle type, and driver schedule. The dispatcher can then assign the booking to the appropriate driver.

GPS Tracking

CabStartup car rental dispatcher app integrates GPS tracking functionality. This helps the dispatcher monitor the location of each vehicle in real time.

Dashboard and Overview

The car rental backoffice app provides a dashboard that gives a comprehensive overview of the company’s operations.

Reservation Management

Staff can manage reservations received through various channels, such as online bookings, phone calls, and walk-ins.


Customer Database

The car rental app maintains a database of customer profiles. This includes contact details, rental history, preferences, and other information.  

Vehicle Inventory

The backoffice app keeps track of the company’s fleet of vehicles. It includes information about each vehicle, such as make, model, year, rental status, maintenance history and more.

Payment Gateway

Handling of Stripe 3ds Pre authorization

Heat Maps

Allows drivers to navigate to a higher demand area

Driver Subscription

Service owners can now define subscriptions for the drivers offering the flexibility to choose a plan that fits their work routines.

Fleet Management

Ability to onboard fleet owners with your business and engage their drivers to help improve the supply.

Driver Consent

Driver will be prompted with a admin defined checklist popup to confirm the same every time before going online to take rides.

Manual Driver Selection

User can manually select a driver out of the online ones.

Favorite Drivers

Customers can now mark their driver as favorite letting them to get a preference of the driver while placing the subsequent ride requests.

Efficient & Easier Riding Dispatch System

Harness the power of efficiency! Our robust interface puts you in the driver’s seat, effortlessly managing dispatch.

Accurate Estimates

Never miss a beat with precision geocoding.

Address Management

Rev up your business with enhanced address management.


Safety first, always! As we prioritize the well-being of both your drivers and customers.

Manage Complex Fleet System

Go beyond limitations with the CabStartup Dispatcher Dashboard. Seamlessly manage real-time orders from any device.

Drivers Management

Empower your operations with the CabStartup Dispatcher Dashboard. Manage, monitor, and analyze your drivers’ work.

Set Your Own Prices

Take charge of your rates and set a flexible pricing option tailored to different situations.


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