Cargo Bikes Redefine Urban Delivery and Transportation Service

The logistics and delivery industry has never seen an evolutionary phase as significant as today. It is not only the business model that is changing but the infrastructure required to execute that model is updating as well. As on-demand delivery startups are gaining traction amongst entrepreneurs and consumers alike, cargo bike manufacturers are coming up with innovative ideas to ensure that service providers can attain maximum profits. Are you starting a bike delivery service or aiming to start one? While we can assist you in developing software infrastructure including mobile apps and dispatch panels, you should consider following types of innovative cargo bikes. These rides can save you a good amount of money and bring incredible profits in the process.

Cargo Bikes for On-demand Bike Delivery Service

One of the chief reasons for utilization of cargo bikes is the collective willingness toward mitigation of climate change. The Netherlands leads the world with 1.3 bicycles per citizen. Moreover, the Dutch perform 26% of their total trips on bicycles. Other European states are also showing promise as indicated below. Cargo Bikes These statistics from 2018 indicate 5.7% increase in the number of bike sales from 2017 suggesting an impressive growth. Netherlands collectively saves 3.8 million hours by opting cycles over cars. Following are some of the cargo bikes most used for on-demand delivery, cargo, and kid transportation.

Long-tail bikes

The rear end of these bikes is an extended one to create room for cargo boxes. Riders reveal that riding experience is similar to a usual bike when rear end is mounted with load. Although these bikes can also be used for children transportation, yet many experts argue that it is more convenient for riders when children are sitting in front instead of behind them. Besides, these bikes should be the first choice for cargo because they are very easy to move around since the weight acts at the rear end. They should be your choice particularly when load is more than the amount to be carried easily on a conventional two wheeler. For instance, the agents of on-demand grocery delivery can utilize them effectively. However, experts disapprove their utilization to transport toddlers.


These bikes are in sharp contrast to long-tail ones. Instead of rear extension, they have space in front for a mounted cargo box. You can customize these bikes as per your business needs. For instance, if you are running business for school children transportation, the space can be utilized for fixed seats. Seats mounted in front are good enough for toddlers as well because the jerk effect is lesser as compared to long-tail. Although front-mounted bikes work for child transportation as well as cargo and delivery services, yet they are difficult to pedal around when box is filled. The load increases the weight in front of the rider, hence making it tougher to push ahead.

Electric bikes

Electric bikes address the challenge posed by front-mounted bikes. The rider does not have to pedal all the way long. Instead, electric batteries do the job. Since the weight is much lesser than an electric car, the electric bikes consume far less charging. Therefore, electric bike delivery service is gaining massive attraction from investors. However, the convenience comes at a price – rider has to tradeoff high cost of purchase and maintenance with comfort. Europe and North America are striving for years to keep the cost of electric vehicles as low as possible. The decision to acquire electric bikes or mechanical ones depends on your budget.

Multipurpose Trikes

The aim of trikes is to improve stability since the two wheels are placed in front and one on the rear. This mechanism lowers the center of gravity providing more balance to the vehicle. Besides, the rider can take care of kids as well since the seats are suspended ahead of handle in-between the two front wheels. Trikes are not only the top choice for family use but for short distance transportation of children as well. Recently, trikes have attained notable gains in bike food delivery service.

Utilization in On-demand Industry

Research conducted by CycleLogistics – an EU-sponsored project reveals that the number of commercial delivery trips can be reduced by up to 25% by replacing minivans with cargo bikes. Moreover, cargo bikes can perform 31% of all commercial trips currently performed by vans. A considerable part of 69% of private trips accounts for bike sharing apps. 21% of these commercial trips include services and delivery. Following chart visualizes these statistics. Cargo Bikes Delivery Service Europe loses over $271 billion annually to traffic congestion. Bikes do not only reduce congestion but also prevent excessive carbon footprint. This is significant from business perspective as well. Delivery and cargo service providers can save billions of dollars by saving time and cost of operations. Besides, they can also improve corporate reputation by providing fulfilling their corporate social responsibility of preserving biodiversity. Service providers – particularly on-demand delivery, logistics, and cargo operators – in Europe are adopting cargo bikes. The result is an incredible increase in margin of profits. North America is also making impressive progress with growth in some urban areas as rapid as Western Europe and Scandinavia.

On-demand Dispatch Technology

The choice of bikes has to do with the cost of procuring hardware infrastructure for business. However, for the smooth-running of operations with high performance and seamless user experience, the efficiency of software infrastructure is crucial. This is where CabStartup assists you. Our platform enables you to acquire Uber-like apps for riders and passengers. Moreover, it includes dispatch and monitoring panels as well. Dispatch panel provides a bridge to connect customers with service providers whereas monitoring dashboard shares real-time map and descriptive information about past, ongoing, and pending requests. Customers can find out the nearest bikes and estimated arrival time in case one requests a service. Driver apps are aided with route optimization technology which provides the most suitable path to reach destination. Cargo bikes make a remarkable duo with CabStartup on-demand software suite for bike delivery service. Be sure to test our software right now because it does not cost you a cent. Let’s grow together.

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