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Freddy Drive

It is developing an integrated platform that provides a comprehensive solution for delivery and taxi services.



Freddy Drive


Delivery and Taxi Management

Freddy Drive

With an innovative concept in mind, Freddy Drive, a prominent conglomerate business, sought to establish

A prominent conglomerate business, sought to establish a platform that could cater to various customer needs, spanning areas such as utility deliveries, lifestyle, and travel. In pursuit of this unique solution, Freddy Drive had specific requirements to fulfill.

Alianza Taxi Frame

1.Freddy Drive envisioned a unified platform that seamlessly integrated all its services, including delivery, e-commerce, and ride-hailing, into a single cohesive experience.

2.The platform aimed to possess the capability of effectively managing its workforce and efficiently mobilizing drivers to meet the dynamic demands of both delivery and transportation services, thanks to CabStartup.

3.Tailored applications were developed for each domain to cater to users' unique needs in the delivery sectors, e-commerce, and ride-hailing.


It is emerging as a dominant force in the ride-hailing industry, overshadowing the competition.



Through the implementation of the CabStartup solution, Freddy Drive successfully consolidated its diverse vision into a unified platform. This enabled the enterprise to effectively mobilize its workforce, satisfying the demands of both the taxi and delivery sectors. As a result, Freddy Drive experienced consistent revenue growth across all sectors, capitalizing on revenue opportunities from its three services. Furthermore, the automated processes contributed to high operational efficiency, reducing unnecessary expenditures.

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