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Moov has undergone significant expansion over the past few years, achieving remarkable growth

Case Studies



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Moov has undergone significant expansion over the past few years, achieving remarkable growth. Through the strategic acquisition of competitors in the region, the company has witnessed a sizable four-fold increase in its operations, currently boasting an extensive and impressive fleet. Without hesitation, we highly recommend CabStartup as our experience with their services has been flawless from start to finish.

The local market presented a significant opportunity as no other ride-hailing services offered comparable convenience at that time.


Recognizing that their existing system no longer aligned with the evolving needs of their business, Moov sought a more contemporary and feature-rich solution. With a substantial portion of their bookings being made through their Passenger App, they required a tool that would deliver a seamless and efficient booking process for their customers.


Upon witnessing the impressive CabStartup technology and learning about the Uber acquisition, Moov swiftly made the transition, and since then, the team has not had any regrets or second thoughts. This transition was undoubtedly the smoothest of the four system changes we have experienced. The team conducted extensive testing, provided comprehensive driver training, and ensured the seamless functionality of the system right from the start.
Driver Companion's availability on Android and iOS devices has enabled the company to achieve cost savings by eliminating the need for a separate driver unit.


Following the transition, Moov has received positive feedback from drivers, staff, and, notably, their passengers. The company is actively exploring the adoption of additional CabStartup features and products to enhance its operations further.

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