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Pick N Go

By implementing a winning combination of innovative strategies robust technological infrastructure



Pick N Go



Pick N Go

We achieved remarkable growth with the help of CabStartup, solidifying our position as the fastest-growing ride-hailing platform in the industry. Within a mere two years of adopting CabStartup's software solution, Pick N Go emerged as the sole formidable local rival to Uber, rapidly establishing itself as the fastest-growing and leading ride-hailing platform in the market.

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The initial encounter between Pick N Go and CabStartup did not occur immediately. Initially, the company's founder contacted an outsourcing firm to develop Android apps from the ground up. Meanwhile, as the app development neared completion, Pick N Go commenced driver recruitment efforts and initiated brand promotion through various media channels.

In response to the challenges faced, Pick N Go made the strategic decision to transition to the CabStartup solution.

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Below are the effective techniques employed by Pick N Go:

1. I am working with CabStartup on a white-label solution.
2. Pick N Go opted to utilize a pre-built software solution with the collaboration of CabStartup.
3. We are committed to prioritizing our drivers by actively listening to their feedback and considering their requests as an integral part of our decision-making process.
4. We strongly emphasize conducting thorough market research and implementing a strategic advertising approach to prioritize our marketing efforts effectively.



Pick N Go boasts a vast network of thousands of active drivers and passengers, earning global recognition as the foremost rapidly expanding ride-hailing platform. We are also planning to expand our operations in other countries as well to gain more exposure. We want to say thanks to CabStartup for its amazing solutions.

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