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Rapid Taxis

The transportation disruptor is currently embracing electric vehicles as part of its innovative trajectory


Case Studies

Rapid Taxis



Rapid Taxis

Ever since its inception, Rapid Taxis have been revolutionizing the landscape of mobility. By utilizing a user-friendly booking application developed by CabStartup, the company has earned a reputation for providing both cost-effective and comfortable transportation services.

Rapid Taxis has made a groundbreaking move by becoming the inaugural taxi company to provide rides exclusively with electric vehicles.

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Nevertheless, the initial stages of the company were met with considerable challenges. Despite the marketing efforts conducted by Rapid Taxis, which garnered substantial public attention, people remained accustomed to the conventional practice of hailing taxis through phone calls rather than utilizing booking applications. The company faced difficulties in effectively conveying the messaging required persuading individuals to adopt app-based taxi services.



The collaboration with CabStartup has equipped us with an array of powerful tools for:

1. The partnership with CabStartup has empowered us with highly efficient tools for automating our day-to-day business operations.

2.Through our partnership with CabStartup, we have gained access to robust tools for optimizing routes and enhancing the efficiency of our operations.

3.By leveraging a smart driver queue algorithm, our collaboration with CabStartup enables us to maintain a high level of driver engagement effectively.

CabStartup offers the most flexible and customizable platform currently available in the market, providing ample room for expanding and scaling your business.


Rapid Taxis play a pivotal role in accelerating the city's transition to electric vehicles. With cutting-edge booking software designed for seamless growth and business diversification, the company is confident in its bright and promising future. CabStartup offers exceptional technology that has the potential to revolutionize people's lives by offering transformative transportation solutions.

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