What will the post COVID era mean for the transport industry?

2020 was a tough year for the transportation industry. COVID-19 changed the way of travelling with shared and public spaces becoming a threat zone for regular commuters. Nearly every business suffered from reduced operations, decreased revenue production and a steep economy. The transportation industry was no different – before the pandemic, it was cruising towards […]

Launch a ride-hailing dispatch system in Australia

In the past 5 years, CabStartup has been able to expand and grow. It has attracted a significant client base by successfully including startups and established ride-hailing companies alike under its banner. A ride-hailing dispatch system registers different cab owners and drivers under one platform. This software allows users to hire a taxi or a […]

How UBER works: Under the hood

Uber is a ridesharing software solution that completely revolutionized the dynamics of the traditional taxi industry. Established in 2009, the company rapidly gained popularity as an attractive transport alternative to conventional taxi services by offering a seamless user experience at an affordable price point. CNBC ranked Uber as the second most disruptive company of 2018. […]

All You Need to Start Your On-Demand Water Taxi Business

In the past few years, the taxi industry has been completely revolutionized and has changed the market dynamics. After the introduction of the Uber model, on-demand technology has continuously improved and has reformed the ride-hailing services. These not only include the taxi services but also paratransit, airport shuttle, bike, chauffeur and water transport. CabStartup is […]

Realizing the Future of mobility: Electric, Autonomous, and Shared Vehicle

A couple of months ago, we envisaged the future of mobility in one of our articles. A world of autonomous and electric vehicles, where private ownership is being replaced by mobility-as-a-service (MaaS), is gaining momentum. From faster, more affordable electric vehicles to an autonomous shopping cart-mobility was on everyone’s mind at CES 2020. It was […]

Uber and Hyundai make Headway into Flying Taxi at CES 2020

The ride-hailing industry is off to a remarkable start to the decade as Uber teams up with Hyundai for flying taxis. Though the official announcement came at CES 2020, both businesses shared their ambitions regarding flying cars years ago. Hyundai is believed to be working on this project for quite some time now. They signaled […]

Nigeria Possesses Huge SUV Ride-Hailing Market

Nigeria is among the top four African countries attracting most startup investment. The growing middle class and an incredibly low median age of 18.4 years are resulting in a highly suitable environment for on-demand business. The current generation is more tech-savvy than ever. Consequently, consumer trends are rapidly changing to adopt mobile based service acquisition. […]

Facial Recognition Software for Driver Identity Verification

The evolution of the ride-hailing industry might have changed fate in favor of passengers but the rise in security vulnerabilities is constantly haunting the stakeholders. Major operators including Uber and Lyft are trying to calm riders, drivers and regulators by placing some cosmetic modifications to their software systems but the incidents compromising security continues to […]

London ride-hailing market wide open amid Uber ban

Transport for London (TfL) – the authority responsible for transport regulations in London – refused to renew license of Uber this past Monday. Consequently, a massive ride-hailing market in the metropolitan, currently dominated by Uber, is set to become an open field for new operators to jump in. London makes up the biggest market for […]

Taxi Dispatch Software with IoT Devices Integration

Ridesharing industry is disrupting traditional taxi industry for over a decade. Numerous rideshare model have played part in replacing conventional modes of transport with more cost-effective ones. Nevertheless, the incorporation of taxi dispatch software in taxi businesses is enabling service providers to reoccupy the lost share. CabStartup provides ride-hailing solutions to taxi companies that are […]

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