The Advent of Mobility as a Service and Transportation Conquest

The constant increase in the number of vehicles will saturate the cities. Many governments seeking sustainable economic and environmental solutions are searching for alternate ways to replace private ownership. The advent of on-demand taxi solutions was a giant leap in this direction. Now, the urban administrations expect shared mobility as a service as a complete […]

Machine Intelligence Unleashes Autonomous Transportation

The current decade is not only significant for automobile manufacturer for commercializing autonomous vehicles. It also witnesses the landmark achievement of autonomy in the ride-sharing industry. Artificial intelligence laid the foundation stone to achieve these feats. Machine intelligence in transportation is a crucial component of future urban mobility. The transportation monetization with AI will be […]

How Technology Can Help the Taxi Industry?

The technology and taxi industry are complementing each other which is gaining momentum day by day. The taxi industry caters for about 15 million commuters a day, that include workers, school goers, and women. It is the most used mode of public transport, which is making an estimated R90 billion annually. Technology has adopted by […]

Unsustainable Taxi Startups in a Prosperous Industry

Since the inception of smartphone revolution, an impressive number of startups made their mark on various industries. There is a significant increase in the rate of emerging businesses owing to the remarkable developments in technology. Taxi app companies alone are the reason behind an industry worth $40 billion. However, many taxi startups fail to sustain […]

TED Talks Emphasizing Smart Technology for Future of Mobility

The invention of combustion vehicles over a century back was a result of the necessity of times. People required quicker ways to reach destinations to spend time on other useful activities. Vehicles allowed them to replace carts and the innovation was termed as the future of mobility. The current vehicle traffic mess poses the same […]

Future Transportation Trends Depict Dominance of Smart Vehicle

The current wave of industrial revolution redefines multiple industries. Many developed countries are working on raising smart cities with intelligent robots working in place of humans. The most notable factor of a smart city is the means of transportation and commuting. By assessing the research and development of recent times, one can forecast the future […]

Tips to Increase User Activity for Taxi App

Attracting the passengers to acquire on-demand taxi services is as significant as ascertaining the efficiency of software. The major distinction between top companies and their struggling competitors is the appropriate business intelligence mechanism. The struggling ones refrain from investing in assessing customer behavior – one of the key areas in successful customer-centric enterprise strategy. There […]

Forecasting the Top Ride Hailing Companies of Future

Like other industries, the fourth industrial revolution is causing significant transformation in transportation, commuting, and taxi hailing. None of the traditional taxi businesses has ever been able to reach a net worth of over a billion dollars. However, as many as seven top ride hailing companies have a market value of at least $1 billion. […]

Ford and Uber Rule CES 2019 Tech Trends

The Autonomous Ride-hailing technologies kept on buzzing in the halls of CES 2019 events. Many nominees including some of the winners of Best of Innovation Award belonged to vehicle intelligence category. The tech analysts are certain that the self-driving cars and the technology associated to it remain the focus of innovators. While many auto manufacturers […]

A Comprehensive Introduction to Ride-Hailing Industry

The global timeline of past two decades highlights the transformation of human civilization with the ethical use of digital technology. Smartphone, one of the most revolutionizing inventions, lies at the core of this evolution. The arrival of smartphones disrupted many industries. This advent allowed the software developers and entrepreneurs to make commuting easier by developing […]

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