Success Factors of Rideshare Business Model and Future Forecasts

Note: This article was updated on January 13, 2020 No other sector has revolutionized as much as urban transportation in these first two decades of 21st century. Many innovative businesses emerged taking the leverage of smart technologies. Rideshare business model is becoming one of the most successful models besides on-demand taxi and bike taxi services. […]

Revisiting Conventional and Innovative Taxi App Features

Technology has already transformed the conventional taxi business with the introduction of smartphone apps. Over the years, various rideshare companies introduced innovative taxi app features. Now, the ride-hailing industry has matured to the extent that one can define a list of must-have features for a company to survive in the fierce battle for supremacy. Moreover, […]

Key Transport Trends for 2019 and their Impacts on the Taxi Industry

Uber, lyft, and DiDi are the popular platforms that has been disrupted the taxi industry. Stats show a 50 percent increase in the number of self-employed drivers in the Uber dominated areas. An income fall of around 10 percent has been seeing in the salaried drivers. Taxi fleets are in a position to move with […]

Asian Taxi Dispatch Apps – A Threat to Uber Hegemony

Uber came and conquered the ridesharing market a decade back. There was no competitor for three solid years except a few insignificant regional players. Until the time it had a real competitor, the taxi dispatch app was already operating in six of the top global economies. Despite the arrival of many rivals, the growth of […]

Cloud-Based SaaS – Redefining Taxi Business Architecture

A survey by Deloitte reports that 92% of organizations are either preparing or have already switched to cloud-based SaaS. With the current rate of transformation, the applications in 73% of companies will be running entirely on SaaS by 2020. These overwhelming statistics of cloud adoption are results of the remarkable on-demand economic boom. Although businesses […]

Selection of Best Rideshare Apps with Evaluation Criteria

The number of ridesharing apps is growing every day in the US. Citizens often ask about the best app in terms of quality and financial management. Ridesharing drivers – which now account for over one percent of American households – also show keen interest. It is unfair to decide about the best rideshare app based […]

Notable Shifts in Transportation Industry Trends

Ridesharing industries are redefining the means of transportation for years. The success of objective aimed at facilitating the customers by providing ride at one’s doorstep brought huge fortunes for companies. Transportation industry trends for the current year indicate that the upcoming developments will further strengthen ridesharing industry. Transportation industry in 2019 is mainly focused on […]

Radio Taxi in Era of Ridesharing and Public Transit

The entrepreneurs are often uncertain about picking the right industry for investments in transportation. In urban regions around the world, services offering radio taxi, ridesharing, and public transport are major stakeholders. Although each of these industries provides limitless opportunities, yet a comparison is must to find the best choice. Ride-hailing and commuting industries have wide-ranging […]

How Technology Can Help the Taxi Industry?

The technology and taxi industry are complementing each other which is gaining momentum day by day. The taxi industry caters for about 15 million commuters a day, that include workers, school goers, and women. It is the most used mode of public transport, which is making an estimated R90 billion annually. Technology has adopted by […]

Unsustainable Taxi Startups in a Prosperous Industry

Since the inception of smartphone revolution, an impressive number of startups made their mark on various industries. There is a significant increase in the rate of emerging businesses owing to the remarkable developments in technology. Taxi app companies alone are the reason behind an industry worth $40 billion. However, many taxi startups fail to sustain […]

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