Notable Shifts in Transportation Industry Trends

Ridesharing industries are redefining the means of transportation for years. The success of objective aimed at facilitating the customers by providing ride at one’s doorstep brought huge fortunes for companies. Transportation industry trends for the current year indicate that the upcoming developments will further strengthen ridesharing industry. Transportation industry in 2019 is mainly focused on […]

Future Transportation Trends Depict Dominance of Smart Vehicle

The current wave of industrial revolution redefines multiple industries. Many developed countries are working on raising smart cities with intelligent robots working in place of humans. The most notable factor of a smart city is the means of transportation and commuting. By assessing the research and development of recent times, one can forecast the future […]

Forecasting the Top Ride Hailing Companies of Future

Like other industries, the fourth industrial revolution is causing significant transformation in transportation, commuting, and taxi hailing. None of the traditional taxi businesses has ever been able to reach a net worth of over a billion dollars. However, as many as seven top ride hailing companies have a market value of at least $1 billion. […]

Ford and Uber Rule CES 2019 Tech Trends

The Autonomous Ride-hailing technologies kept on buzzing in the halls of CES 2019 events. Many nominees including some of the winners of Best of Innovation Award belonged to vehicle intelligence category. The tech analysts are certain that the self-driving cars and the technology associated to it remain the focus of innovators. While many auto manufacturers […]

Age of Transition to Smartphones from In-Car-System

Science-fiction novels and movies from half a century back depicted intelligent vehicles. The characters were able to operate such vehicles with compact devices. Although some tech-savvy reviewers welcomed these ideas as a correct prediction of future in-car-system, yet many debunked them while labeling them as fictitious concepts. Astonishingly, the contemporary technology is ahead of what […]

10 Most Profitable Transportation Business Ideas at Low Cost

Note: The article was updated on January 14, 2020. Are you looking for transportation and Logistics business ideas? If Yes, read below 10 most profitable transportation and logistics ideas with a low investment that can increase your profit margins manifold. 50% lack of digital culture and training is the biggest challenge that transportation and logistics […]

Top On-Demand Transportation Tech Companies Other Than Uber And Lyft

Uber, Lyft, Waze, and DiDi are only a few names among the top on demand Transport Technology Companies globally. From London, Paris, New York, China, Israel, and Estonia, these companies are transforming the way we commute around. To commute for work, traveling across countries and long distances, driving around, or just going from a point […]

How E-Hailing Applications Improved the Taxi Industry and What’s Next?

E-hailing refers to the process of calling a taxi, car or any other transportation via any device using the internet and GPS. E-hailing needs applications for booking and dispatch. Various companies are providing taxi dispatch solutions containing passenger and driver apps for Android, iOS, a dispatcher panel, and an admin panel. E-Hailing App Qualities:    Gives […]

Key Trends in Public Transit Services For 2018 And Beyond

Technology advancement is rapidly bringing changes to public transportation. In the current year 2018, rapid adoption of on-demand service platforms to manage transportation services is in trend and its urge is going to increase in years to come. The advent of on demand apps for transport services management, using technology to make the traveling experience […]

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