How to Choose the Best Taxi App Development Company

Building a taxi business is often a once-in-a-life ambition for entrepreneurs. While the success can lead to a remarkable business, failure can discourages the entrepreneurs keeping them from making ambitious investment. Unfortunately, the failure rate is excessively high because most of the taxi app developers have inefficient software systems. This article emphasizes the approach to choose taxi app developer by assessing product utilization and efficiency. Besides, it also reveals the role of experience of working with various ride-hailing industries in the growth of a developer. Finally, it shares the unethical pricing strategies followed in the industry before sharing the pricing structure of CabStartup.

Taxi Application Product Utilization

The taxi and ride-hailing businesses have evolved since 2007 to reach the current state with a range of features. The intense state of competition makes some of the features indispensable. There is a considerable probability that the business would fail to grab even the slightest share in market without incorporation of these essential features listed below.
  • Unique Accounts of Drivers and Passengers
  • Real-time Tracking along with ETA
  • Monitoring through Admin Panel
  • Proximity checks for Drivers
  • Multiple Payment Options
  • In-app Communication
  • Dashboards for Business Analytics
  • Instant Digital Invoices
Read details: CabStartup Product Features Apart from these essential features, some unique features help you in standing out of the crowd and outperforming the competitors. CabStartup introduced following set of unique features which are enabling startups and taxi companies in topping the charts of ride-hailing market share.
  • Automation in Taxi Dispatching
  • Driver and Passenger In-app Wallet
  • Referral and Promo Campaigns
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Network Strength
  • Access Control Level (ACL)
  • Carpooling or Ridesharing
  • Developing Brand Identity
CabStartup provides each of these must-have as well as optional features across four software systems including Driver App, Passenger App, Taxi Dispatch Software, and Admin Panel.

Taxi application Product Efficiency

While the range of features defines the utilization of a product, the efficiency of platform reflects its performance. CabStartup offers a number of performance boosters which collectively ensure an outstanding efficiency.

Cloud-based Platform

The cloud hosted on best servers with zero down time ensures that the service never slows down regardless of the number of requests. The engineers regularly test our platform with varying degrees of workloads. These tests confirm that the platform is able to process hundreds of requests per second. It is also scalable so that the capacity can be augmented with increasing number of users. Besides stability, CabStartup cloud-based taxi mobile app software also provides economic benefits. The companies do not have to necessarily acquire entire suite. Instead, many small businesses are utilizing it for very limited number of drivers. The platform is free for two drivers as the charges are applicable from third driver or more.

Route Planning and Optimization

Regardless of how experienced a driver could be in taxi industry, one must have GPS-powered route optimization. The drivers might know the best routes in usual circumstances. However, there are times when some roads face extraordinary and unexpected blockades. Efficient route optimization software aids big time in such situations. CabStartup route planner shares information about traffic volume on various roads leading to destinations as well as road closure. It also provides predictive analysis on traffic situation with high precision so that drivers can plan route ahead of time. It is notable Uber clone apps are strictly-built with a fixed number of features. Many developers offering Uber clone app development face the inability of scaling up the app.

Friendly Interface and User Experience

Most of the users of taxi app platform are unaware of the technical details. It is a commonly occurring problem where an app with fancy interface and a bunch of animations make it tough for users to achieve what they are trying to accomplish with this app. Thus, the app needs to right balance between detailing animations and enhancing user experience. CabStartup platform ensures that the users have a seamless experience working with it. The driver and passenger apps have extensive interfaces with comfortable navigation. If you intend to rebrand the app, our designers assist in developing the logo and color scheme which is pleasant to the eyes of users.

Taxi App Development for Various Industries

Taxi and ride-hailing industry have multiple use cases. Apart from yellow taxis, black cabs and SUVs, the industry offers bike taxi, private drivers, and paratransit as well. Moreover, three-wheelers, minivans for shuttle services, and water taxis are also gaining popularity. One of the signs of top taxi app development companies is their experience of working with this wide range of use cases. The experience of working on different business models provides the exposure and insights into the industry. Moreover, each of these cases poses challenges. CabStartup has the privilege of working on each of the mentioned use cases. The remarkable success rate enabled us to drift on to the top of the industry.

Unambiguous Pricing Model

Many taxi booking app development companies share a vague pricing model when dealing with clients. This strategy allows them to charge massively as the project progresses. While this is unethical practice, it also increases the probability of failure when entrepreneur is facing a financial crunch. CabStartup has a crystal-clear pricing structure. You can get it through one-time payment. CabStartup does not charge for the first two drivers. The variation in price depends on the size of your fleet and number of additional features that you aim to incorporate. You can have a redesign of apps including app name, description and logo for $200 to build your unique recognition. The cost of payment gateway integration and customization is $3000 and $20, respectively. Besides, $50 for brand identity can have you attain a unique brand. Each of these figures is one-time payment. CabStartup offers its clients to test the platform before acquiring it. Access our complete technology suite today for 14 days-long trial.

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