CabStartup software facilitates companies

 City-to-city car rental allowing customers to rent a vehicle to travel between different cities. 


Route Planning and Navigation

The app offers real-time navigation and suggests optimal routes between cities, taking into account traffic, road conditions and estimated travel time.

Booking and Scheduling

Users can book rides for city-to-city travel in advance. They can choose departure and arrival times and pick-up and drop-off locations.

Driver Profiles and Ratings

Users can view available drivers’ profiles, ratings, reviews and experience.

Secure Payments

The app facilitates secure payment options, allowing users to pay for their rides using various methods, such as credit cards, digital wallets, or even cash if preferred.


Booking Platform

An app or online platform where users can search, compare, and book various travel options (flights, buses, trains, etc.) between cities.

Real-Time Availability and Pricing

Up-to-date information on available travel options, departure times, seat availability and pricing to help users make informed decisions.

Seamless Check In

Streamlined check-in processes for different modes of transportation to minimize waiting times and ensure a smooth transition between travel segments.

Accessibility Features

Consideration of accessibility requirements for travelers with disabilities, including information about wheelchair accessibility and assistance services.



Multi-City Dashboard

Our app has a central dashboard that displays real-time information from various cities or regions. This provides an overview of the entire operation and allows dispatchers to manage services across different locations.

Location-Based Assignment

The City to City travel app enables dispatchers to assign drivers to specific tasks or rides based on their current location and customers’ pick-up/drop-off locations. 

Intelligent Routing

The CabStartup City to City travel app includes routing algorithms that suggest the most efficient routes for drivers, taking into account traffic conditions, road closures and other factors that might affect travel time.

Cross-City Communication

Communication channels within the City to City travel app allow dispatchers to communicate with drivers across different cities via messaging or voice calls.


City to City Dashboard

The CabStartup City to City travel backoffice app have a centralized dashboard that provides an overview of operations, performance metrics and real-time data from different cities or regions.

Driver and Vehicle Management

This feature should allow administrators to onboard, manage, and verify drivers and vehicles operating in various cities. It could include driver documentation, vehicle details, background checks and licensing information.

Trip and Revenue Analytics

The CabStartup City to City travel app provides detailed analytics on trip volumes, revenues, and other key city performance indicators.  

Booking and Dispatch Management

Admins have the capability to monitor and manage bookings and dispatches across multiple cities. This involves reassigning drivers, adjusting routes and addressing customer complaints or issues.

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