CabStartup City to City solution enables companies and consumers to make reservations for a rental car through the car rental company’s website, mobile app, or by contacting their customer service for vehicle reservations.

Multi-City Availability

Drivers can set their availability in multiple cities where the service operates. They can choose to receive ride requests from specific cities or all supported cities.

Ride Requests and Acceptance

When a passenger requests a ride, nearby, available drivers receive notifications. Drivers can accept or reject ride requests depending on the distance.


City to City Travel

For city to city trips, the app guides the driver to the city border and assists in transitioning to the destination city’s navigation.

Payment and Fare Calculation

Our app calculates fares based on distance, time and any surcharges. Passengers make payments through the app and drivers can track their earnings.

Vehicle Pick-Up

Customers go to the designated car rental location on the scheduled pick-up date and time to collect the vehicle. The pick-up location can be at an airport, city center or other convenient spots within the city.

Rental Agreement and Documentation

Customers are required to provide their driver’s license and any additional identification and payment information to complete the rental agreement. They may also have the option to purchase rental insurance for the duration of their trip.


Traveling Between Cities

Once the customer has the rental car, they are free to travel between cities at their own pace and convenience. They have the flexibility to choose their route, stop at various attractions and adjust their schedule as needed.

Fueling and Maintenance

Customers are responsible for fueling the rental car during the trip as needed. Car rental companies usually provide the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and customers are expected to return the car with a full tank.

Multi-City Overview

The CabStartup city to city dispatcher app provides a centralized dashboard displaying real-time information from various cities or regions where the service operates.

Ride Request Management

Incoming ride requests from passengers are displayed on the dashboard. Dispatchers can assign rides to available drivers based on location, availability and vehicle type.


Real-Time Tracking

The app tracks drivers’ locations in real time on a map interface. Dispatchers monitor driver movements, identify delays and provide accurate ETAs to passengers.

Optimized Routing

Dispatchers can suggest optimized routes for drivers, considering traffic conditions and real-time data. This helps reduce travel time and improve overall efficiency.

Multi-City Management

The city to city backoffice app provides a centralized platform for overseeing operations across various cities or regions where the service operates.

Driver and Vehicle Management

Administrators can onboard and manage drivers and their vehicles in different cities. They verify driver documents, licenses and conduct necessary background checks.


Trip and Revenue Analytics

The city to city app offers insights into ride volumes, revenues, and key performance indicators across cities. Administrators can analyze trends and make data-driven decisions.

Booking and Dispatch Control

Administrators monitor and manage ride bookings, assign drivers, and adjust routes if needed. They ensure efficient ride allocation and customer satisfaction.

Payment Gateway

Handling of Stripe 3ds Pre authorization

Heat Maps

Allows drivers to navigate to a higher demand area

Driver Subscription

Service owners can now define subscriptions for the drivers offering the flexibility to choose a plan that fits their work routines.

Fleet Management

Ability to onboard fleet owners with your business and engage their drivers to help improve the supply.

Driver Consent

Driver will be prompted with a admin defined checklist popup to confirm the same every time before going online to take rides.

Manual Driver Selection

User can manually select a driver out of the online ones.

Favorite Drivers

Customers can now mark their driver as favorite letting them to get a preference of the driver while placing the subsequent ride requests.

Efficient & Easier Riding Dispatch System

Harness the power of efficiency! Our robust interface puts you in the driver’s seat, effortlessly managing dispatch.

Accurate Estimates

Never miss a beat with precision geocoding.

Address Management

Rev up your business with enhanced address management.


Safety first, always! As we prioritize the well-being of both your drivers and customers.

Manage Complex Fleet System

Go beyond limitations with the CabStartup Dispatcher Dashboard. Seamlessly manage real-time orders from any device.

Drivers Management

Empower your operations with the CabStartup Dispatcher Dashboard. Manage, monitor, and analyze your drivers’ work.

Set Your Own Prices

Take charge of your rates and set a flexible pricing option tailored to different situations.


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