Cloud ComputingCloud Computing Trends and Mobility Success Factors for 2020

Cloud Computing Trends and Mobility Success Factors for 2020

Cloud Computing

The rise of cloud computing solutions over the past couple of years has transformed business technology. From managing tech and mobility solutions, application development and beyond, Cloud computing has become integrated into many business operations. Cloud Computing Services market worldwide is expected to grow by US$579.2 billion according to the compounded growth of 18%. Mobile cloud computing delivers applications to mobile devices that can be deployed remotely. 

Mobility and Cloud: 

Mobility is transforming the enterprise. Mobile is responsible for a much broader shift to a new channel of engagement. These new channels need to deliver real-time smart solutions to customers, partners, and employees. 

Implementations and Engagement of Enterprise Mobility:

Enterprise mobility involves whole ecosystems of providers. Therefore, it is essential to realize the importance of getting user engagement right to ensure the effectiveness and appropriate usage. They also need to define a winning mobile strategy, including mobile device management, security systems, application development, and usage, to design, develop, and support their mobile applications. 

Crucial Aspects of Winning Mobile Strategy:

  • User Experience
  • Integration with Enterprise systems
  • Support for multiple device types
  • Security and management of applications

Why Mobile Cloud:

Speed and Flexibility:

Mobile cloud applications can be developed using cloud services, which are deliverable to many different devices using different operating systems. 

Shared Resources:

Data-intensive processes can run in the Cloud. Cloud-based applications are not constrained by a device’s storage and processing resources. 

Integrated Data:

Cloud Computing enables users to securely and efficiently collect and integrate data from various sources, regardless of where it resides. 

Future of Cloud Computing: 

As businesses continue to adopt the Cloud, it will continue to shape the world of business tech in innovative ways. Here are the details of the future of Cloud Computing:

  • Moving from the Cloud to the Edge: 

Cloud processing will keep on growing, particularly for large-scale data analytics and processing. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue in the Cloud, but more localized processing will gradually move to the edge. With 5G, there will be much faster processing for Internet of Things devices at the edge and periodic syncing back to the Cloud for more detailed processing. 

  • The rise of the on-demand businesses or the increase of the talent Cloud:

Around the globe, tech departments are struggling with the talent gap. But, all of them are unaware of the fact that the same value Cloud offers in the tech area is also available to secure talent. The talent Cloud is an emerging trend in the B2B sector, showing an annual growth rate of 22%. It provides on-demand access to an extensive talent pool. 

  • A Move towards Application Mobility:

Cloud continues to grow for enterprise customers. The mobility trend is increasing. Enterprises are moving from dependencies towards on-demand cloud solutions. 

  • The Rise of Enterprise AI:

 Enterprises are shifting from limited AI applications to a comprehensive strategy. This will increase the demand for Cloud and on-premise systems to have scalable AI technologies. A lot of businesses are adopting AI and will play a significant role. 

  • Shifting Analytics Data to The Cloud:

A wide variety of companies are moving their analytic data to the Cloud to enable more users to access more data faster. The essential advantage is the ability to load the same data faster for customized customer solutions. 

  • Communications platforms are also migrating to the Cloud:

While many IT applications have shifted to cloud applications, many telephony applications remain deployed using on-premises equipment. With new Communications Platforms-as-a-service offerings, IT departments are now migrating their telephony applications to the cloud as well. 

  • Combination of Blockchain, AI, and the Cloud Forces:

 Blockchain, Cloud, and AI have a positive and robust relationship. Their combined effect takes a multifaceted approach to next-generation cloud infrastructure and offers unlimited opportunities. Although this combination is applied at a small scale, it will continue to grow, creating networks with immense opportunities and resources for efficiency.  

  • Connection of Augmented reality and Virtual Reality through 5G and the Cloud:

 The arrival of 5G ensures high bandwidth and breakneck speeds. As a result, Cloud-connected AR and VR implementations stand to increase dramatically. 

One of the best benefits of mobility cloud services is the ability to connect better with other people. Cloud technology allows people to access crucial data from anywhere, anytime. 

Connectivity allows employees to manage their work-life balance with greater efficiency. There are many benefits of cloud technology beyond mobility. 

  • It has the potential to bring higher retention, productivity, and convenience to your business workflow. 
  • Mobile Cloud computing enables developers to efficiently share processing and data storage between the device and the Cloud to optimize performance and scalability. 
  • Cloud computing applications ensure engaging user experience and improve customer loyalty. 
  •  An integrated cloud strategy maintains a competitive advantage and keeps employees engaged and productive. 

CabStartup approach towards cloud mobility solutions involves the compelling notion of context and usability practices with proven mobile strategy approaches to enabling our clients to get an exciting new customer, partner, and employee experiences, powered by the latest technologies using the best practices and techniques. 

Our integrated consulting model merges with technology implementation to deliver a comprehensive mobility strategy and evolve a technology roadmap according to the latest business trends. Our top focus is to incorporate UX principles into all aspects of our development projects. Our robust frameworks, tools, and test strategies help in thorough testing of the mobile solution that delivers value across a wide range of platforms and devices support. If you are looking for Cloud computing solutions that can create a significant impact on your business, contact us today. 



Cloud Computing
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