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Cab Startup demo is made for clients who would like to request a demo to consider it for their taxi dispatch system. You can see for yourself how we offer improvements to your cab management system. Every demo is distributed according to the user needs, consisting of passenger app iOS demo, passenger app Android demo, driver app iOS demo, and driver app Android demo. After going through the demos for each one of these, you will realize how Cab Startup is a better choice when compared to any other on-demand platform for taxi service company. To request a demo, you can get in touch with our sales department by filling the contact form provided to you.

We will take you through all the features of Cab Startup, including the step by step use of passenger and driver apps along with the admin panel, showing how you can use each one with ease, including demonstrating how to utilize the promo code or get a fare estimation and rating a driver from the passenger app. Similarly, you will see how the driver app works with receiving ride requests and viewing the passenger details including the pick-up and drop-off locations. Admin Panel is going to show you how you can manage the overall system, handling both driver and passenger sides, managing the workflow and maintaining a record for every registered driver and passenger. This makes the overall management of your company or organization very smooth and easy, allowing an increase of your business productivity, along with improving driver and customer satisfaction, leading to higher revenue growth.


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Passenger App – Android

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Passenger App – IOS

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