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As of the first quarter of 2018, the Google Play store has 3.8 million apps, and the App Store has 2 million available apps. Those numbers are nothing if not staggering and are still on a steady rise; this goes to show that the old “If you build it, they will come” saying no longer applies to the app world. Competition is fierce and the people who want their apps to succeed need to put some real thought and effort into their app’s marketing campaigns. Furthermore, seeing as how we are now in the digital age, traditional marketing techniques may no longer be as beneficial as they once were. Therefore, to efficiently market apps we need to look towards digital marketing and all the tips and tricks we can use in that department to put our apps in the limelight. Now the question is, what are some digital marketing tips for apps in the iOS and Android Market? Well, if you already have an app or are interested in buying our solution, then we have a few tips to help you in the digital marketing department:

App Store Optimization (ASO):

The SEO equivalent of the app world, App store optimization is a process that improves an app’s visibility in Apple’s App store, and it is a form of mobile app marketing and user acquisition. ASO and SEO have many similarities regarding how they are accomplished such as having a unique App name, including relevant keywords without stuffing, having an app description that clearly outlines the app’s value and is updated with app update descriptions and release notes. Furthermore, adding screenshots or video tutorials that demonstrate the app’s key features. Lastly, Having favorable ratings and reviews for your app is imperative when it comes to getting potential customers to download the app.

Digital Marketing for apps in the IOS Andriod market

Google’s Universal App Campaign (UAC):

UAC is a tool for app marketing, and it uses machine learning algorithms to perform its tasks. Many app developing companies utilize UAC to promote their applications in the Android Market. Unlike Google AdWords campaigns, you don’t necessarily have to design individual ads when using the Universal App Campaign. The UAC service uses your text ideas and assets from your app’s store listing to create a variety of advertisements across several different platforms including Google Search, Google Play, Youtube, and Google Display Network. The only things you have to provide are the text ideas, a budget, a starting bid, and tell the UAC what languages your ads should be in and what locations they should target. The UAC systems will test different combinations and display those ads which are performing the best, without needing an extra work from you.


Now we’re going to talk about some traditional digital marketing techniques, the most essential of which is having a site for your app. Having a site offers your site legitimacy, something which shows people that your app is the real deal and that you are invested in it as a business.

Apps for enterprise brands need to be featured prominently across the website. It shouldn’t be a small logo on the side or an afterthought; rather it should have a prominent presence all over the website as long as its presence in a particular place makes sense.

Social Media:

When it comes to digital marketing, having a social media presence is a must because it allows you to directly connect with your potential customers and tell them what you’re all about and show them that you have a real passion for whatever it is that your app is doing. There are two social media methods to connect with your audience, paid or organic.
Organic social media is rather simple; it merely means having a presence on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. All you have to do is create accounts and start engaging with people within your target audience and industry in a meaningful way without being overly promotional.
In 2016, mobile app click-through rates went up by 32%, while cost per click decreased by 33%. Essentially, putting some funds behind your app promotion will boost discoverability and get more and more people to migrate to your app. Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram are effective advertisement platforms since they have vast audiences and are exceptionally skilled at segmentation.

Search Ads:

Apple introduced search Ads when it launched iOS 10, and search ads are paid advertisements within the App Store. What that entails is that you are able to bid for keywords and when a user searches for apps using those keywords, your app appears first. Search Ads are an effective and efficient way of promoting your apps on iPhone and iPad in the U.S. Search Ads are designed to provide a safe search experience which means they deliver relevant ads while respecting the user’s privacy.


The methods mentioned above are just a few in a nearly endless list of app promotion methods. Treat apps like any other product and focus on robust digital marketing campaigns and keep in mind that the quality of your app’s users is much more crucial than the quantity. Furthermore, ensure that you have a firm understanding of your target audience so that you can craft audience-appropriate ads.

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