Dispatcher Panel

Dispatcher Panel Details

Service in Real-time
This advancement lets the service attract more customers and convince them to embrace your solution.
Add-on Feature
Dispatch Panel serves as an add-on, which helps taxi companies to let their passengers book the ride more efficiently.
Absolute Solution
The option of regulating taxis, drivers, and passengers at the same platform enhances the dispatch method.
Ratings and Reviews
The access to view the ratings and feedback on drivers assist you to employ the best resources to your customers.
Saves time
Cab Startup dispatch framework saves taxi organizations labor and time spent over dispatch process.
Puzzle Solved
White label dispatch solution offers all the modules and features that a taxi company owner or an entrepreneur looks for while improving a taxi service.
Flexible Choice
The Dispatch panel add-on by providing options for auto dispatch framework along with the ability to dispatch rides manually in real-time.

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