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Driver App Details

Sign up
Drivers can Sign up for the driver app by filling a form that requires his complete details to register him on the platform.
Drivers can log in to the app using the phone number and password they used to sign up.
Forgot Password
The driver can reset his password by entering the phone number which he provided at the time of Signup and where an SMS will be sent with a temporary password.
Drivers can view their profile to see the information including personal details, profile picture, driver rating, password, city, and address but they cannot update these fields.
Make Himself Online / Offline
Registered drivers can change their status to online/offline; if they are already on the job their status automatically becomes Busy.
Rides History
The driver can review the complete details and history of the previous rides completed and canceled.
View Details
Drivers can view the information of the requested ride when they receive it.
See Nearby Drivers
The nearby drivers can be researched within a search distance radius by choosing the distance from a drop-down.
Ride Acceptance
The driver can add destination point before starting the trip or start the trip without adding any destination point after accepting a ride request.
Ride Statuses
A driver needs to update the status. Firstly, the driver accepts the ride by tapping anywhere on the request screen. Secondly, upon Arrival at the pickup location, the driver hits the ‘Arrived’ button. Thirdly, when the passenger boards the vehicle; then the driver taps on ‘Start Trip’ button and start moving towards the destination/drop-off point. Fourthly, upon arriving at the drop-off location, the driver hits the ‘End Trip’ button.
Phone Call to Passenger
Drivers can directly call the passenger’s phone number after starting the trip.
The route to Pickup and Drop-off Locations
The driver can view a path from his current location to the pickup location of the passenger. After picking up the passenger, the driver can view route to reach the drop-off location from the pickup spot.
End of Ride
The drivers end the ride on dropping the passenger at the drop-off location. The ride can be ended at any point of time during the journey, in case the passenger wants to be dropped off somewhere on the way.
Rating the Passenger on Invoice Screen
After completing the ride, the driver sees the invoice screen where he can view the amount to be received from the passenger. The driver can rate the passenger on the same screen.
Driver Wallet
The driver knows how much amount he already has in his wallet that he has to pay to the admin.
Side Menu
When the driver opens the sliding menu; it shows his picture, name and star rating and the ability to view profile. Sliding Menu will have these options: Home, Trip History, Wallet, See Nearby Drivers, Logout.

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