Electric Flying Taxi Is the future

When we say that flying cars are the future… the future may already be here! One of China’s largest automakers, GAC Group, unveiled a hyper-futuristic machine at its Tech Day event that combines two distinct vehicles: an electric car and an electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aerial vehicle. It is called Gove.
This article reveals the most essential factors which influence user experience on taxi apps. It also makes suggestions for improving each of these factors.
Electric Flying Taxi
What Do We Know About The New Gove?
GAC Group is already known for its research and development in electric mobility solutions and their adjacent technologies, such as fast chargers for electric vehicles. Last Monday, June 26, the group unveiled its biggest novelty: the Gove, whose name is a combination of initials for the words GAC, On the Go, Vertical, and EV (in short, everything that the new machine represents, according to its maker).
Several manufacturers have already worked on flying taxis with the eVTOL system, but the Chinese manufacturer GAC Group has found a new approach. Gove is indeed composed of an electric car and an eVTOL aircraft, which can operate together or independently in the air and on the ground. Concretely, this machine will take off vertically from the road, leaving the part of the car to return to its nearest AMC base autonomously and in complete safety.
As for the characteristics of the Gove, the group only revealed a few details. However, according to Chinese media Caixin, the company mentions that passengers in the region of GAC’s headquarters would prefer a range of at least 200 kilometers.
Is it in Near Future, Distant Future, Or Fiction?
GAC Group Research Institute Chairman Wu Jian said the company aimed to enable passengers to “access multi-dimensional mobility services, ranging from electric air taxis to ride-hailing platforms”. Faced with these comments and the announcement of this machine, one wonders if the Gove could really be marketed and especially when.
As a reminder, many car manufacturers have already worked on eVTOL prototypes, but none have yet received approval for commercial use. We can cite the start-up XPeng Aeroht (which obtained a certificate to test its machine last January) or Aerofugia (whose eVTOLs have reached the airworthiness review stage).
GAC Group is a little further ahead, as its machine has already completed its maiden flight outside company headquarters. During the flight, the passenger was seated in the eVTOL portion of the Gove while the car below navigated autonomously.

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