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Features - Driver Availability

Auto Dispatch Framework

  • With our autocab dispatch system, rides get dispatched automatically to the closest driver without delay. Features like this make Cab Startup stand out from other solutions in the market.
  • Passenger application guarantees smooth app usage with its recent locations access just by a tap.
  • Shows immediate call request on driver application, letting him confirm ride request within seconds.
  • GPS tracker in driver application finds the adept route for passenger’s destination for simple and efficient travel.
  • Google Map in the dispatch framework serves to find drivers and passenger’s area accurately.
  • Cab Startup dispatch framework spares taxi organizations labor and time spent over dispatch process.
Dispatcher Panel

Dispatch Panel Features

  • Along with a number of exciting features, Cab Startup offers Dispatch Panel as an add-on, which helps taxi company owners in offering their services to passengers who book a ride via phone call or through website.
  • This taxi dispatcher allows company owners to simply put in passenger's contact details along with their pickup and drop-off locations, then dispatch the job to the nearest driver to passenger's requested location.
  • Our white label solution includes all the modules and features that an existing taxi company owner or an entrepreneur looking to launch a taxi service startup could ask for.
  • Cab Startup offers you the most comprehensive solution and fulfills all your needs so you could provide the best service to your customers and capture the market through every medium.
  • The Dispatch panel add-on makes Cab Startup the best taxi dispatch system having an auto dispatch framework along with the ability to dispatch rides manually in real-time.

Well-Built Apps

  • Applications made for the passengers and drivers requires minimum taps to book a ride. Both the passenger and driver apps offer the best features to its users.
  • Security and reliability element allows drivers and passenger’s application to maintain a record of rides in their respective accounts.
  • Taxi organizations can target their market with customized applications.
  • Get payment done through cash or card, along with enabling discounts with promo offerings for the passengers.
Booking Framwork

Booking Framework

  • No more unnecessary waiting with our autocab booking system, see your drivers arriving towards you in real-time.
  • No more fuel wastage for drivers to attend far-off passengers.
  • Know your traveler before dispatching, thanks to their registered account.
  • Dispatchers can bring phone booking with our proficient booking framework.
  • Saves recently visited locations of interest for quick selection.
  • Stores boundless database, completely secured.
  • Oversee booking record and ride duration history effortlessly.

Online Networking Stage

  • Easy and effective team management thanks to distributed work access.
  • Better handle of duties from panel, allowing improved business productivity.
  • At a feasible additional fee charge, Cab Startup offers the option of adding features such as a social login for the app users.
Online Networking Stage
E-Receipts And Invoice

E-Receipts And Invoice

  • No more complexities.
  • No more fake accounts information.
  • Upon arrival at destination, fare charge invoice is generated on both driver and passenger application instantly.
  • Passenger picks the payment method choice and accordingly deposits the fare charge.
  • Passenger app gets an E-receipt of the transaction performed.
  • E-Receipt is also sent to registered passengers email id for maintaining records.
  • Features like this makes the payment process transparent, while ensuring security.

GPS Following Framework

  • With GPS following framework in the application, Cab Startup lets the driver and passenger achieve their respective destinations on time.
  • Allowing passengers to track and oversee drivers in a more effective manner.
  • Drivers are able to know passenger’s exact location and reach them without delay.
  • Displays the taxis nearest to passenger, and allows drivers to see the most optimized route in reaching the passenger.

Great User Experience

With the facility of cab startup software for cab companies, passenger can create their new account or can connect with Facebook directly (upon requesting this additional feature at reasonable cost), meaning there is no long process, and within a few steps you can easily connect. After successful login, passengers have the access to use all the features of the app without any restrictions.

Choose Pickup, Request Driver, See Fare Estimate, Add Destination

One of the most common problems when hiring a cab is that it might not arrive in time, causing you to get delayed for your work or miss a schedule. So to completely remove this factor, we provide the facility of drivers arriving to your pickup location within minutes. When a passenger makes a request for ride, it instantly goes to the most nearest available driver. If the driver accepts, then the passenger can see him coming, otherwise it transfers to next available nearest driver.

Manage History

For the convenience of passengers, Cab Startup included features in their taxi software solution for maintaining their ride history, to evaluate how much time and distance they have travelled per ride, and frequency of their visits using this service.

Ride Tracking

Using Cab Startup, a passenger can track the cab company’s driver location exactly in real-time, allowing him to know how far he is, where has he reached so far, and which route he is taking.

Payment Methods

Cab Startup provides the facility of paying the calculated fare amount for the ride through debit or credit card and hard cash. Multiple payment methods is among the features that are preferred by the passengers.

Rating Ride Experience

For knowing whether the passenger liked their ride experience or not, we provide the feature of ratings, so they can tell the company its standing according to satisfaction. This allows us to know where the fault lies for the ride, and improve on it so that it won’t happen again.

Sign Up

People who want to join and become drivers can sign up by providing their credentials and documents as per registration requirement, which is a one-time process only. The provided detail is then received and verified through our Admin Panel, after which they become official company drivers having been successfully approved.

Setup / Manage Profile

After becoming a verified driver for the cab company, the person will have to setup his profile according to company policy, and he can enjoy the flexibility to edit his details in case of some changes, thanks to the features available in Cab Startup. Upon changes being made, the updated information is again sent to Admin Panel for reviewing, verifying and approving those details.

Status Management

Every once in a while during the day, a driver gets tired of taking rides continuously, and wants some time off to relax himself a little and catch his breath. To provide ease for this, we have included the option of disabling availability in driver app. This makes the driver unavailable for ride request from passengers so he isn't disturbed. This is one of the features made specifically to satisfy the drivers.

Drivers Location

Among the unique features of Cab Startup, we have also introduced the ability for drivers to see other drivers. This might not seem much but in regard to drivers this is extremely helpful. Using this feature, a driver is able to locate other drivers in his surrounding area, and know if he has a higher chance of getting a ride request there. In case there are a lot of drivers present in the same area, driver can go to a more secluded area where he thinks might be good enough for receiving ride requests.


The Statistic feature in driver app allows drivers to know how they are performing by basically having a report generated according to their rides. The filtering system means they can sort through their data according to day, week or month, checking the total number of completed and cancelled rides, or earnings they made per ride.

Driver Response

Driver response becomes active in case where the Admin Panel is not responding for some reason. This means that the ride request that was handled by the panel shifts to driver, allowing him to check if any passenger has made a ride request near him.

Pick-up Location

The exact location of the passenger is immediately shown after a request for ride has been made from passenger app. This removes the chance of any unnecessary time being wasted.

Drop-off Location

After the driver has successfully accepted a passenger ride and reached his pick-up location, the location where he wants to be dropped-off is then displayed immediately, allowing the driver to know where to go exactly with the quickest route. However, this route optimization is not active if case the passenger is guiding the driver manually.

Detailed Dashboard

On the dashboard you can check the whole set up of the system software, passengers and drivers in proper manner. For the passenger side, all the ride stats are available, detailing their pick-up and drop-off locations, transactions made per ride, distance covered etc. For drivers, the ratings from passengers and their personal registered information are managed. The highlight is the ability to filter out data with respect to dates according to day, week, and month through a trip ID, which is unique per ride, providing ease in management of checking statistics by entering the dates.

Secure Admin Panel

To manage the function of software, it is necessary that admin panel should be strong and for that Cab Startup provides excellent software for taxi management of companies. Due to this reason, security is extremely important, which is a top priority when it comes to taxi service of Cab Startup.

Passenger Management

Each passenger, upon a one-time registration, has an account in the system, which is managed in the passenger tab using the admin panel where all the details of each passenger can be managed, updated, or even removed as per need.

Passenger Tracking

In the passenger tab, the map displays the current locations of every registered passenger in the system. This helps to track where each passenger is at the moment, or in case they are unable to connect online, or if their GPS is turned off, then the last location where they were present will be displayed.

Driver Management

Driver tab allows access to oversee and manage all the drivers registered with the company. Personal details of drivers, as well as the details about the rides they performed, number of requests they accepted are all managed from admin panel.

Driver Tracking

Having your driver tracked provides the benefit of knowing where each one driver is at the time. This is particularly helpful when the driver makes himself switch to offline, so you can see from the admin panel how many drivers are actively making ride requests.

Trip Status Management

There are a number of statuses included in our system for a more better and effective trip management being done in a step-by-step process. Driver en Route is shown when the driver is on his way to passenger location for pick-up. Arrived is displayed once the driver has reached the location and is waiting for passenger. A trip has started when the trip is in progress, and is finished when the passenger is dropped-off. Payment done appears when the passenger has submitted the fare charge, and trip is completed after passenger rates the ride experience.

Log Management

All the trip logs are maintained in the system that can be accessed through the log tab in the admin panel. Log tab has a detailed list of performed rides in regard to passenger, and the drivers that accepted or declined their ride request.
What is Cab Startup?

Cab Startup is a white label on-demand taxi solution with standout features that makes it the best choice for your cab company or startup.

Is Cab Startup simple to use and run operations?

Yes, you will find out that Cab Startup offer the best UX for both driver and passenger apps. Admin Panel allows you to keep an eye on all users of your platform, which allows you to run operations with ease.

How soon can I launch my taxi platform using Cab Startup?

If you don’t ask for any customizations and are only going to use features present in our white label solution, then we can rebrand the solution and deploy it in two weeks’ time.

Why should I buy Cab Startup?

Cab Startup is a white label taxi solution that can be rebranded according to your business requirement. The highlight of a white label solution is that it can be launched in your target market very quickly. Cab Startup is a high quality real-time cost-effective solution.

What is the cost of Cab Startup’s solution?

Re-branded mobile applications will be delivered to you and a small monthly cost will be charged for each driver based on the plan you choose. Cab Startup offers four pricing plans, you will find each plan very feasible.

Can I resell or redistribute Cab Startup after purchasing it?

No, as this is a white label solution, you will be getting all the assets after the purchase. This will provide you with a license to use the delivered solution for your own business.

Is Cab Startup a good choice for a new taxi company or business?

Yes, because everything that you will need for your on-demand taxi service platform will be provided by our features, such as the admin panel and apps for passengers and drivers on both Android and iOS devices.

Which third-party services are used in Cab Startup?

Google Maps is used for monitoring and tracking purposes of both drivers and passengers. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is used to store and retrieve all the data from cloud. Braintree is default payment gateway used to help facilitate users having PayPal accounts.

What is the testing and QA process of Cab Startup?

Our product is tried and tested by a number of testing techniques and tools, especially load testing, and this system is currently deployed for many taxi companies all over the world. Even after rebranding, our QA team performs the testing processes again to ensure a bug-free solution to be delivered.


Our Solution comes up with Brain tree payment gateway that is subsidary of paypal. Talk to sales if you want to integrate any other gateway.

Our solution have secure API for passenger and driver communication, its fully documented along with security protocols.

You can manage apps, trips, users, payments easily from a centralized admin panel.

Cab Stratup solution comes with a strong backend enriched with analytics and reports.

Passenger can directly call driver to coordinate if there is any delay in pickup.

Although You can deploy our web backend panel on any web server but to keep it work great we only recommend Amazon web services.

Our solution provide Real time taxi booking, eliminating traditional ways of taxi booking via dial call center and they find taxi.

We have created apps user experience keeping in mind the actual process of taxi hiring from smart phone.