Gain access to a flexible and scalable commuting solution designed to address your ride-hailing business's evolving difficulties and challenges.


Driver Dashboard

This is the main screen where drivers can see incoming ride requests, current and upcoming rides, as well as their earnings. It provides an overview of their work for the day and allows them to manage their availability.

Accept the Ride Requests

When a ride request comes in, the driver can see the details of the passenger and the destination. The driver can choose to accept or decline the ride based on factors like distance, destination, and time.

Navigation and GPS

The app typically integrates with a navigation system, like Google Maps or Waze, to provide turn-by-turn directions to the pick-up and drop-off locations. This helps drivers navigate efficiently and reach their destination without hassle.

Driver Earnings and Reports

Drivers can access their earnings summaries, showing their daily, weekly, and monthly earnings. They can also view detailed breakdowns of their earnings, including ride fares, tips, and any bonuses. This feature helps drivers keep track of their income.

passenger APP

On-Demand Service

Instantly request a ride whenever you need it, eliminating the need to wait or schedule in advance.

GPS Tracking

Track the real-time location of your driver and estimated arrival time on the app.

Cashless Payments

Pay for rides digitally through the app, making transactions convenient and secure.

Multiple Vehicle Options

Choose from various vehicle types, such as economy, luxury, or shared rides, based on your preferences and needs.



Ride Assignment

The dispatcher app allows the dispatcher to assign incoming ride requests to available drivers. They can see the driver’s current location, availability status, and select the most suitable driver for each ride request.

Real-Time Tracking

Dispatchers can track the real-time location of all active drivers on a map. This feature helps them monitor the drivers’ movements and make informed decisions about ride assignments and route optimizations.

Emergency Support

In case of emergencies or critical situations, dispatchers can access tools to provide immediate assistance to drivers or passengers. This might include contacting authorities or sending help to a driver’s location.

Route Optimization

Dispatchers can suggest or modify routes for drivers in real time based on traffic conditions, road closures, or other factors affecting the route. This helps drivers reach their destinations efficiently.


Driver Management

The backoffice app allows administrators to manage driver profiles, including driver onboarding, document verification, background checks, and driver status (active, inactive, pending approval, etc.).

Ride Analytics

The app provides access to detailed ride data and analytics, allowing administrators to track metrics such as ride volume, revenue, average ride duration, popular routes, and peak hours. This data helps in understanding operational trends and making informed decisions.

Financial Reporting

Administrators can generate financial reports, including earnings summaries, transaction details, and commission calculations. These reports aid in financial analysis, auditing, and taxation.

Market Insights

Back office apps often offer insights into market trends and competitive analysis. This helps the company understand the market landscape, identify opportunities for growth, and make strategic decisions.

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