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Product Features

Multi-Purpose Solution

Helping the Drivers

Driver dont need to sit idle
Drivers don’t need to sit idle anymore!
Automatic job notifications are provided to the driver in real-time
Drivers are protected from losing track
An optimized route to reach the passenger
Know your Passengers
Passenger details maintained with their registered account
Avoid Delays
Cab Startup uses GPS technology to enable drivers to reach pick-up locations without delays
promt digital invoivesa
Prompt Digital Invoices
Fare charge invoice is generated on both driver and passenger applications instantly
User friendly
User-Friendly Interface
Cab Startup focuses on improving user experience by making the Apps easy to use

Serving the Passengers

Save Time, Book Fast
Cab Startup Dispatch System saves recently visited locations of interest for quick selection
Easy Booking!
Cab Startup White Label Taxi Solution provides Real-time taxi booking in just two clicks
Stress Eliminated, Contact!
The passenger can directly call the driver to coordinate if there is any delay in pickup
Multiple Payment Methods
Besides the trivial methods, Brain tree payment gateway is used: a subsidiary of PayPal
No more Security Concerns
Passengers can track and oversee drivers and share the Real-time tracker with their contact
Manifold Referral Campaigns
Cab Startup permits your clients to invite their friends by giving awards like get-a-free-ride. This way more customers can be engrossed without investing extra money

Aiding the Admins

Double Your Revenue
Numerous fleets are increasing their revenue by using the automated taxi dispatch solutions
Admin Panel Serving Taxi Business
Admins can manage and track apps, trips, users, payments, feedbacks from a centralized panel
View History Anytime
E-Receipts and Rides’ Records are sent to registered users email id for maintaining records
Stand out amongst the competition by providing customization in settings, permissions, billing preferences, etc

Guiding the Dispatchers

Ensure Progress
By opting Cab Startup success is ensured, and innovation is induced in the businesses as a priority
Correct Your Focus
Cab Startup strong technical management empowers the partners to focus on advancement
Working in the Cloud
Cab Startup processes hundreds of requests per second using Cloud hosting; enabling the owners to focus on profits instead of the technical side
Reliable Backend
Cab Startup solution comes with a robust backend enriched with analytics and reports

Providing More Attractions

Encrypted Chat
Cab Startup Taxi Dispatch Apps maintain secure API for passenger and driver communication
Promo Codes Optimizing Financial Provision
Cab Startup offers discounts for the passengers by providing promo codes
Feedbacks Cumulating Trust
Driver and passenger can rate each other keeping the service level high
1-Click Away Solution
1-click Away Solution attracts various people tired of the grill caused by the conventional methods
Live Support
Cab Startup provides with a live chat system to ensure all your questions are answered at any time you feel a need

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