CabStartup food delivery solution

CabStartup food delivery solution includes a wide range of features to facilitate seamless order processing, efficient delivery management and enhanced customer experience.

Driver  APP

Web-Based Dashboard

A web platform for restaurant owners and administrators to manage their menu, view and process orders and track delivery status

Delivery Driver Management

Tools to manage delivery personnel, assign orders and track their performance.

Last mile features

Delivery Dispatch and Routing

Efficient dispatching of delivery drivers and optimized routing to minimize delivery time and increase efficiency

Customer Reviews and Ratings

An integrated system for clients to leave reviews and rate their food and delivery experience

Passenger  APP

User-Friendly Mobile Apps

Customized mobile apps for customers to browse menus, place orders, track deliveries and make payments. Separate apps for delivery drivers to accept orders and manage deliveries efficiently.

Menu Management

Tools for restaurant owners to easily update and customize their menus, add new dishes, set prices and manage availability

Last mile features

Real-Time Order Tracking

Live tracking of food orders, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their delivery in real-time

Multiple Payment Options

Integration with various payment gateways to accept digital wallets debit/credit cards and other various methods, ensuring secure and convenient transactions.



Order Assignment and Tracking

Efficiently assigns delivery orders to drivers based on proximity and availability, while providing real-time tracking to customers.

Driver Management

Manages driver profiles, schedules and availability, allowing dispatchers to allocate the right driver to each delivery task.

Route Optimization

Optimizes delivery routes for drivers to ensure timely and efficient order deliveries, minimizing travel time and improving customer satisfaction.

Real-time Communication

Facilitates direct communication between dispatchers and drivers through integrated messaging or chat systems for updates and instructions.

Menu and Restaurant Management

Allows administrators to manage digital menus, update items, pricing and restaurant details to ensure accurate representation.

Order Monitoring and Tracking

Provides real-time visibility into incoming orders, their status and delivery progress for effective monitoring.


Payment Processing and Settlement

Handles secure online payment processing, manages transactions and facilitates settlements with restaurants and drivers.

Performance Analytics and Reporting

Generates reports on sales, order volume, customer behavior and restaurant performance to aid decision-making.

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