A food delivery solution is an online platform or mobile application that helps customers to order food from numerous food outlets, restaurants and have it transported and delivered to their doorstep.

Onboarding and Integration

Restaurants/dark kitchens interested in participating in a food delivery solution need to onboard onto the platform. This involves signing agreements, providing necessary documentation and integrating their menu and inventory into the platform’s digital system.

Order Processing

When a customer places an order from a specific restaurant/dark kitchen through the platform, the order details are instantly transmitted to the restaurant’s system

Last mile features

Digital Menu Management

Sellers upload their menus and pricing onto the platform, ensuring that customers can browse their offerings with ease. This digital menu can be updated in real-time to reflect changes in item availability, pricing or special promotions.

Performance Monitoring and Feedback

Sellers can access performance data and analytics through the platform’s dashboard. This data includes order volume, customer ratings and other relevant metrics.

User Registration

Customers need to create an account on the food delivery platform. They can sign up using their email, phone number or social media accounts.

Menu and Ordering

Once the restaurant is selected, users can browse through the restaurant’s menu and add items to their cart. They can customize their orders, select quantities and add special instructions if needed.

Last mile features

Location and Restaurant Selection

Users provide their delivery address and the app displays a list of nearby restaurants that are partnered with the delivery service. Customers can browse through the menus, view ratings and reviews to choose the restaurant they want to order from.

Restaurant Notification

The restaurant receives the order notification via the restaurant app or a dedicated tablet provided by the food delivery platform.

Driver Onboarding and Availability

Drivers interested in participating in a food delivery solution typically go through an onboarding process. This may involve providing personal information, documentation (such as a driver’s license and insurance), and completing background checks.

Order Acceptance

When a customer places an order through the platform, the system matches the order with an available driver based on factors like proximity to the restaurant and estimated delivery time.

Navigation and Routing

After accepting an order, drivers rely on the platform’s built-in navigation tools or third-party navigation apps (e.g., Google Maps) to reach the restaurant for pickup and the customer for delivery.

Order Pickup and Verification

At the restaurant/dark kitchen, drivers present the order details to the restaurant staff, who prepare the food. Drivers verify that they have received the correct order and ensure that it is packaged securely to maintain food quality during transit.

Order Management

The backoffice of a food delivery solution serves as the central hub for order management. It receives incoming orders from customers and dispatches them to the appropriate restaurants or sellers.

Restaurant and Menu Integration

The backoffice is responsible for integrating restaurants/dark kitchen and their menus into the platform. This includes setting up digital menus, managing restaurant information and ensuring menu items and pricing are up to date.


Driver and Dispatch Management

Dispatching orders to delivery drivers are a critical function of the back office. It assigns orders to available drivers based on factors such as proximity to the restaurant/dark kitchen, delivery address and estimated delivery time.

Payment Processing

Payment processing is a key aspect of the backoffice. It handles transactions between customers, the platform and sellers. This involves securely processing payments through various methods like credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or cash on delivery.


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