How does Taxi Booking Software Work?

You are here, means you are ambiguous about some concepts of the Taxi dispatch platform. You may need to know things like:

  1. How Does Taxi Dispatch Software work?
  2. How Taxi Booking App facilitates its users?

You might have even more questions; which would be answered in the blog. Keep reading.

Well, taxi booking software makes use of three applications which include:

  1. Driver Application (link to driver app page)
  2. Passenger Application
  3. Admin Panel

These applications are designed separately for the users based on their needs; which differ entirely for the driver, passenger, and admin.

In a taxi driver application; a driver is registered after getting verified by the admin. They can then log in to receive and accept ride requests. Registered drivers can change their status to online/offline as per their availability. Drivers can view the information of the requested ride when they receive it. Drivers can directly call the passenger after starting the trip. The driver can see the most optimal route from his current location to the pickup location of the passenger on the map provided on the driver app display. The driver can end the ride whenever the passenger wants to be dropped off. The driver can see the invoice as the trip ends and rate the passenger as well. The driver can check the amount he already has in his wallet and the amount he has to pay to the admin; using the driver app. The drivers can set a search distance radius to see the nearby drivers.

The taxi passenger application is designed ideally for the ease of its users. Passengers can create a profile using their phone numbers. Passengers can manage their profiles, review the complete details and history of the previous rides completed or canceled, specify the pickup and drop-off locations on a map. Passengers can trace drivers on the map, and view number of drivers nearby. The passengers can call a driver on demand by selecting one of the offered vehicle types. The passenger can contact the driver through a phone call. A passenger can see the driver details after the ride request confirmation; these details include driver’s name, profile picture, ETA, vehicle details and plate number. E-receipt will be generated showing the pickup, drop-off address, driver picture, name, trip I.D, amount, star rating with an additional text feedback option. The passengers can pay using cash, credit card, and wallet. Passengers can avail discount by using promo codes.

Uber Business Model

Admin panel is the essential part of the online taxi management system. The admin can see the total drivers, active drivers, inactive drivers, offline/online drivers, verified/unverified drivers, total trips, payments, the fee collected on the main admin dispatch dashboard. Admin can add new drivers, update or delete existing drivers. Admin can also see the complete details of the passengers and can also update them. An admin has access to see all the registered vehicles and also got the right to update or add a new vehicle. Admin can track down all the trips that may include: in-progress and completed trips. An admin can use the geofencing option to set different fares for the areas he has created against specific services. Admin has the authority to launch the promo codes and specify the discounts them.

Collectively, these three apps lay the foundation of the taxi dispatch booking software. If you need to get a better understanding, you can go through the demo by clicking the button below.

Why are Taxi Solutions Required?

Uber was idealized by many taxi companies but they lacked the knowledge, team, and technology required to build a platform similar in functionality to Uber. For this, we put our efforts to develop a system fulfilling all the basic requirements of a taxi company, entrepreneur or startup. We help achieve the vision to get to the top of the market in terms of brand recognition and profit generation.

All the manual tasks are managed efficiently using the white label taxi dispatch solution. An already designed and developed modules are available with Cab Startup. We enable the users to keep their focus on their business financial strengthening instead of overcoming the technical limitation.

Many people have the understanding of this system, it’s working, and its benefits. However, they do not have the required resources to implement it. So, we have made reasonable and easy-to-avail pricing plans for those who are interested in getting all the work done by using reliable and dependable service providers. The pricing plans are divided into two main categories i.e. monthly and one-time-cost. You can learn about the details by clicking the button below.

What Does Online Taxi Booking Service Provide?

Customer satisfaction is the building block for any business’s building. Same is the case in our scenario. That is the reason why we have worked effortlessly to provide you with the maximum possible reimbursements. Below is the list of the highlighting benefits that you get by joining hands with us:

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