Uncomplicated and Efficient CabStartup Grocery Delivery Services

CabStartup food delivery solution includes a wide range of features to facilitate seamless order processing, efficient delivery management and enhanced customer experience.


Order Management

Provides a streamlined system for receiving and processing orders from the solution’s platform. Notifies suppliers of new orders and helps track order fulfillment status. Enables efficient order confirmation and dispatch processes.

Delivery Slot Management

Enables suppliers to define available delivery slots based on their capacity and resources. Allows adjustment of delivery windows to match operational constraints.
Grocery Delivery Features

Integration with Point of Sale (POS)

Integrates with suppliers’ existing POS systems to synchronize online and offline sales. Ensures accurate inventory management and prevents overselling.

Performance Analytics

Offers insights into sales trends, popular products and customer preferences. Provides reports on order volume, order frequency, and revenue generated.


User-Friendly Mobile Apps

Customized mobile apps for customers to browse menus, place orders, track deliveries and make payments. Separate apps for delivery drivers to accept orders and manage deliveries efficiently.

Order Confirmation and Notifications

Automatic order confirmation messages with push notifications and SMS alerts to keep customers informed about their order status
Grocery Delivery Features

Real-Time Order Tracking

Live tracking of food orders, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their delivery in real-time

Multiple Payment Options

Integration with various payment gateways to accept debit/credit cards, smart digital wallets and added payment methods, ensuring secure and convenient transactions.



Order Allocation & Assignment

Centralized dashboard for managing incoming orders and their distribution. Ability to assign orders to available drivers based on location, capacity and delivery routes.

Communication Platform

In-app communication with drivers for updates, order changes and route guidance. Enables real-time coordination between dispatchers and drivers.

Real-Time Driver Tracking

Real-time monitoring of drivers’ locations and routes on a map. Enables dispatchers to ensure timely deliveries and optimize routes for efficiency.

Route Optimization Tools

Integration with route optimization algorithms to ensure efficient delivery routes. Minimizes travel time, fuel consumption and delivery delays.


Web-Based Dashboard

A web platform for restaurant owners and administrators to manage their menu, view and process orders and track delivery status

Admin Dashboard

Centralized platform for managing the entire operation. Provides an overview of orders, deliveries, inventory and financial data.


Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of available stock levels and product quantities. Automatic updates to inventory as orders are placed and fulfilled.

Order Processing & Fulfillment

A streamlined process for order validation, confirmation and preparation. Efficient order allocation to drivers and monitoring of delivery status.

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