How Can On-Demand Booking App Automate and Enhance Your Taxi Business?

The on-demand services and on-demand booking apps for businesses are growing so fast that people use the word ‘uberification’ of all on-demand services while talking. Uberification of services got so successful with the cab/taxi booking app used by Uber. There are more than 8 million Uber users over 70 countries.

Getting a taxi booking or cab booking mobile app is the most suitable option. Uber, Lyft, and Ola are some top notch cab booking apps, and their reputation explains the efficiency and effectiveness among the users of these apps.

Developing Uber-like clone app and integrating it into your taxi business offers fantastic benefits. Getting a taxi booking app for your taxi services with customized features and your branding is locally and widely accepted and can grow your customer base and hence the business.

Taxi/Cab Booking App Improves Business:

If you are managing a cab business at the local or global level, having a cab booking app for a cab service business is going to improve your business, if you plan your taxi booking app development carefully keeping in mind the overall business scenario. Developing a taxi booking app helps to streamline the taxi booking business and expand it by attracting more passengers. Let us check some benefits of getting a developed taxi booking app.

Booking app brings automation and optimized efficiency to your taxi fleet business. It will help you handle your business with manual efforts.
The app has different interfaces to manage passenger app and driver app. Mobile app on the customer mobile allows them to book your service as and when required without hunting for more service providers. Introducing a more extensive database with the app would support many people.

Taxi apps can be developed with customized features as per requirement cost-effectively. Considering the increasing demand for taxi mobile app development trend, here are the details related to improving the cab service using the technology. Whether you need an Uber clone app, or customized cab booking app development services to automate the cab service, our services are available for you.

We have an expert team of taxi booking app developers to develop the booking app as per the client’s business needs. Taxi booking app or on-demand booking app consists of a set of 3 different software or app products, namely, one passenger app, one driver app, and one admin dashboard.

Features of Passenger App:


The user can register on the app by adding relevant information on the login interface. Social media integration or email option allows users to register and login immediately.

Booking interface:

Using the booking interface, the user gives relevant travel details to book the cab instantly for travel.

Fare Calculator:

It allows calculating fare for his essential travel.

Payment options:

The user will get a payment quote for booking a ride and choose the options available to pay within the app. Customers can pay via credit cards securely.

Rating and Reviews:

The customer can leave the feedback regarding ride experience and driver.

Push Notifications:

Users can be updated regarding booking status, car details, estimated time of arrival, etc.

Ride History:

It represents the information regarding previous rides and also allows users to book the same trip with a few clicks.

Features of the Driver App:

Some characteristics of Driver app are similar to the passenger’s app that include register, login, support, push notifications, etc. Other added functionalities include:

Driver profile:

Driver profile is created after the registration with full-proof verification of their license, tax number.

Notification for the ride:

The driver receives the alert through push notification about new booking, payment, ride route details, etc. A driver can also accept or reject the orders depending upon his/her availability.


It assists in finding the best route to approach the passenger destination.

Admin Dashboard/Admin Panel:

The admin dashboard is a software application that supports regulatory activities of passengers and drivers. The dashboard provides a general summary of all processes, and it offers features like trips, drivers, financial transactions, etc. When linked with Google Analytics, it enables you to monitor marketing activity. The admin panel supports you view all in-app activities, and it should offer a quick review of all processes. It also gives recommendations for best navigation for drivers and collects and builds the database of your clients to enhance the experience further.

Features of a great and qualified mobile taxi booking app:

If you want to go for custom mobile app development. Some of the fundamental functionalities required for an on-demand taxi booking app are listed below:

Location Tracking:

It is one of the critical functionality to find the nearest available driver within seconds. Once a cab is booked, the app shows the expected arrival time of the driver. It enables you tracking the rider’s location while the app is running in the background if passenger permits to share their location information.

Map Integration:

Maps are integrated within the taxi apps to navigate through the plan quickly. Drivers use the navigation features to reach from point A to point B.

But if you are not operating on the global level yet, only simple location data sources will be required. For iPhone taxi app development, MapKit framework can be used. For Android taxi app development, Google Maps can be used. Maps have a representation of user’s surroundings. User’s location coordinates can be sent to the server, where they are translated into a readable address.

Fare Calculation:

Cab booking apps fare calculation feature allows calculating the fare. It is an integrated feature within the app, which calculates the cost of the ride as per the command. For example, the Uber app estimates the fare of the trip based on the following:

Base Fare
Cost per minute/Cost per mile
Booking fee (optional)
Distance traveled

Rating System:

Credibility among clients is essential for all business in which rating system can help. The reliability and trustworthiness need to be developed for drivers as well as passengers. It can be done by providing more and reliable information and by having a rating system within the app.

Payment Integration:

Easy payment option is available if someone doesn’t want to pay in cash. Payment gateway integration is an easy option. Once the customer’s credit card is connected to the app, the customer can pay using a few clicks. But the customers who want to pay in cash also has this option.

UX/UI of the cab booking app:

Mobile app for the taxi management service should be simple, effective and intuitive. It should be able to function smoothly and understanding data easily. The designs should be simple with a secure navigation system. Simple but intuitive UX/UI will bring the better and engaging look and feel to your mobile app.

Cost of a taxi booking app development:

The cost of developing a taxi app depends on many features to be built, many functionalities to be integrated.

We as a professional app development company provide services of cloud-based mobile app development. Broadly, the final cost of the cab booking app development depends on the following criteria:

The platform you choose for app development (iOS, Android, Windows, Web); features required to validate your ideas as Minimum Viable Product (MVP); and other functionalities that you want your app to do. The cost of a taxi booking app development rises from a simple booking app to a more sophisticated Uber-clone booking app. If you are interested in our on-demand booking app services, Sign Up today.

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