How Shifting the Fleet to Electric Vehicles is better? Saytaxi Albania Success

StorySaytaxi has been engaged in a transportation business for five years and developed status for being a reliable and affordable taxi company. The company shifted to Electric Vehicles aiming at the reduction of CO2-emissions.

It has already produced some great results, that is a 10X boost in orders, and today 70% of its clients favor to book electric vehicles. Saytaxi is the first cab company in Albania that provides electric cars and runs a quick electric vehicle charging station.

The company has grown to a pioneer of providing environmentally friendly car service in Tirana. Their mission is to replace cars with Electric Vehicles in the taxi business.


SayTaxi worked several years to implement new technologies and advanced integrations. However, it wasn’t easier. The company employs marketing events to get some attention and attract customers as local people still prefer to call for a taxi rather than using their smartphone apps.

The second concern was to increase revenue and decrease unpaid driven kilometers. Saytaxi got the services of automation solution providers. The software had all the required features they needed to manage and track drivers, and it was supported by a variety of marketing tools and a powerful support team.

According to the Saytaxi statistics, usually, an Albanian taxi driver invoices only 20% of the traveled km. Saytaxi app increased the metrics to 80% as all the things get mechanized and streamlined.

Ride-hailing white label solution is one of the most powerful tools any transportation entrepreneur can find today. It enables to manage the overall operation most reliably and transparently.

It offers the feature of generating referrals, coupons and fixed trips, which is assumed to be a reliable marketing tool for our business.


According to the survey report of more than 1000 U.S. adults, 87% of respondents wanted an electric car because they want eco-friendly environment. 62% prefer low operating costs, and 52% people prefer technology.

The city of Tirana is leading the electric change. The actual market holds more than 1000 licensed self-employed taxi drivers. Their target is to switch at least 800 drivers from their used cars to electric cars, giving clean, sustainable taxi services for people across the city.

People are amazed when a cab they have booked happens to be electric. The feedback of people is encouraging results in a 10x increase in order.

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Facts about Electric Cars:

• The car can cover about 170 miles on a single charge.
• On a fast-charging station, it takes about 30 minutes for the 80% battery charge. At home, it will take about seven hours for a full recharge.

Electric cars cost more than a taxi driver can support, so the company provides their drivers to give the vehicle lease with the money they save from going electric.

Olger Hidri is sure that the lease options are affordable. The system in the form of Saytaxi app provides cloud hosting, enabling you to operate your company from any place in the world protecting money on IT infrastructure.

CabStartup has succeeded in developing an outstanding platform, capable of altering people’s lives through real transportation solutions. It contains various features such as electronic fare calculation, different service types, live tracking through Google Maps, numerous payment methods, ease of access and management. Moreover, further features can be added to it according to your requirements.


An increasing number of taxi companies are switching to environmentally friendly vehicles. We at CabStartup support that action and trigger other taxi companies to join the ‘green’ movement. We provide a reliable solution for the transportation business that can be used to streamline business operations. If you want to get a stable solution, Sign Up today.

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