How to Manage Holiday Season Campaigns for Your Taxi Company?

Holidays being the busiest period of the year, where there is a high demand for taxi apps. People are utilizing lots of time on mobile browsing for gifts, researching products or buying last minute deals. It is the best time to manage your seasonal activities and to manage users with your brand. Holidays are the perfect time to remind the users about yourself to retain the existing customers. In this article, we are talking about the usability of your marketing activities at holidays or occasion of your choice.

Here are the ways to manage your holiday season campaigns for your taxi company:

1. Set your Business Goals

Define what you want to reach with this holiday promotion. Think business and the stage of your development. Set the purpose of a holiday promotion. Think business and the status of your progress. Are people aware of your mobile app? Are they consider your product the best among others? If you want to drive more conversion like installs and successful rides., focus on increasing the number of customers.

2. Define the Toolkit

If you can measure the marketing goals, you can manage it effectively. Therefore, your measurement plan should be ready to track your ads progress. Facebook SDK is integrated into every reliable startup company website. It gives access to the support team.

i. Facebook Analytics:

Facebook Analytics collects all data on how people are using your app in one dashboard. Facebook SDK provides insights on app users demographic characteristics. It is an excellent source of ideas on partnering with other companies where your target audience is engaged. And you know what? The special occasions and holiday season are the best time to start. Check behavior of people on specific ads campaign after they have installed your app.

ii. AppsFlyer:

Spending your budget on different acquisition channels is highly recommended. You can track all your campaigns with Appsflyer.

iii. Analytics summary

Keep track of the analytics summary. Analytics gives you a high power to measure, target and optimize campaigns based on the real data from your app. All the events are integrated with your website to start advertising and optimizing. Analytics tool gives you the power to measure, target, and optimize campaigns based on real data.

iv. Audience

Setting up your target audience is just essential. If you want to understand your audiences, dive deeper into the demographics, location, interests and purchase patterns of your current and potential customers. Facebook analytics is a perfect tool for it.

v. Custom Audience:

Advertising tools like Facebook and Snapchat allow setting up Custom Audiences based on different matching. Custom Audience is the way to address precisely the people who already know your business, which is hugely profitable: these people are the most likely to take the targeted actions.

vi. Lookalike Audience:

Lookalike Audiences are lists of people advertising platforms make after analyzing the existing users of your app. The interests, behavior and demographic characteristics of a Lookalike Audience resemble those of your active users. Accordingly, these people are very likely to join the brand community.

3. Define User Acquisition Channels

Arranging a whole system of mobile user acquisition activities and splitting the budget is helpful in getting the targeted results. You can use trustworthy traffic sources like:
• Facebook
• Instagram
• Universal app campaigns by Google
• Snapchat
Set up the strategy based on machine learning algorithms. It helps to advertise the app automatically to the right users at the most relevant moments. Facebook and Instagram provide definite targeting possibilities having demographic categories.

Snapchat is a live-video-streaming channel, especially popular among young folks looking for real, trustworthy content. Snapchat is popular especially among young folks it shows short videos available for a short period. It engages large audiences all over the world. Snapchat is the perfect fit to target a marketing campaign for young people.

Create something attractive for people. You might notice, people don’t go to Facebook or snap chat to find the services they need. Advertising via texting the message may also work. You can add certain emotions in the design. Create content and advertisement according to their mood as some people feel lonely and don’t prefer holidays. Create content that fits their mood. You need to make all decisions and finalizing the things before starting a campaign.

Holiday marketing for taxi apps is essential for increasing customers. You can get the services of holiday marketing for taxi apps for 2018 from a reliable company.

We provide taxi apps that are built using state-of-the-art technology. Our app solution is customized, and more features can be added to it. If you want to get reliable taxi app solution for your business, contact us today.

Holiday Season Greeting

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