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Precise Tracking and Notifications

Provide real-time tracking of the delivery, allowing customers to monitor the exact location and estimated time of arrival. Send automated notifications and updates to customers at various stages of the delivery process, enhancing transparency and reducing anxiety.

Contactless and Secure Deliveries

Enable customers to specify contactless delivery preferences, allowing items to be left at a designated location. Implement secure verification methods, like photo confirmations or one-time passcodes, ensuring the right recipient receives the delivery.
Last mile features

Flexible Delivery Options

Offer flexible delivery time windows, including same-day and next-day delivery, catering to customers’ varying needs and urgency. Provide options for customers to reroute deliveries or reschedule drop-offs to accommodate unexpected changes.

Smart Route Optimization

Develop an intelligent routing algorithm that optimizes delivery routes for drivers, reducing travel time and fuel costs. Incorporate machine learning to adapt routes based on real-time traffic conditions and dynamically changing delivery requests.

Real-Time Tracking and ETA

Provide passengers with real-time tracking of their deliveries, allowing them to see the current location and estimated time of arrival. Display an estimated delivery window, helping passengers plan their day around the expected arrival time.

Delivery Notes and Instructions

Allow passengers to provide specific delivery instructions, ensuring the item is received exactly as intended. Enable the option to leave personalized notes for the delivery person, creating a more personalized experience.
Last mile features

Contactless Delivery Options

Offer contactless delivery preferences, allowing passengers to specify where they want the package to be left for added convenience and safety. Implement secure methods for verifying the recipient’s identity, such as photo confirmation or a unique code.

Delivery History and Receipts

Maintain a history of all past deliveries for passengers to reference. Provide digital receipts with item details, delivery time and cost, offering a clear record of transactions.



Centralized Dashboard

Provide a centralized dashboard that displays all ongoing deliveries, allowing dispatchers to monitor and manage multiple deliveries simultaneously efficiently. Show real-time updates on delivery statuses, driver locations, and estimated times of arrival.

Driver Allocation and Tracking

Enable dispatchers to assign delivery tasks to drivers based on factors like proximity, availability and delivery urgency. Offer real-time tracking of drivers’ locations to ensure they’re on the optimal route and adhering to schedules.

Smart Route Planning

Offer route optimization tools that assist dispatchers in planning the most efficient delivery routes for drivers. Incorporate traffic data, delivery priorities and real-time updates to adjust routes as needed dynamically.

Communication Tools

Integrate messaging or chat functionalities within the dispatcher’s interface to facilitate instant communication between dispatchers and drivers. Allow dispatchers to relay important instructions, address concerns, and handle exceptions efficiently.


Order Management

Provide a comprehensive order management system that allows BackOffice staff to view, edit and process incoming delivery requests. Offer the ability to prioritize orders, assign drivers and manage delivery schedules efficiently.

Driver Management

Develop tools to onboard and manage a fleet of drivers, including background checks, documentation verification and driver performance monitoring. Allow BackOffice staff to assign drivers to specific delivery tasks based on their availability and location.


Route Optimization Tools

Offer advanced route planning and optimization tools that BackOffice staff can use to create efficient delivery routes for drivers. Incorporate real-time traffic and weather data to adjust routes as needed.

Inventory and Stock Management

Provide features for tracking inventory levels, ensuring that the right products are available for delivery. Integrate alerts for low stock levels and automated restocking workflows.

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