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Accepting Delivery Requests

Drivers receive delivery requests through their app, alongside ride requests if applicable. They can accept or deny the delivery request based on availability and location.

Package Pickup

At the pickup location, drivers verify their identity and the order details. They collect the package from the sender or designated pickup point, ensuring it matches the order information.
Last mile features

Navigating to Pickup Location

Once a delivery request is accepted, drivers receive navigation directions to the pickup location. They use GPS tools to navigate efficiently to the source of the package.

Delivery Route and Navigation

After picking up the package, drivers receive navigation instructions to the delivery destination. They can utilize route optimization tools to find the quickest and most efficient route, factoring in real-time traffic updates.

Placing a Delivery Order

Passengers open the app and select the “Delivery” option. They provide details about the pickup location, the recipient’s address, and any specific instructions for the delivery.

Driver Acceptance and Tracking

After confirming the delivery order, the app assigns a driver to the task. Passengers can track the driver’s location in real-time and receive estimated arrival times.
Last mile features

Choosing Delivery Preferences

Passengers may specify delivery preferences such as delivery time window, contactless delivery, or special handling instructions. They review the order details and confirm before proceeding.

Real-Time Updates

Passengers receive notifications about the driver’s progress, including when the driver is en route, has arrived at the pickup location, and is on the way to the delivery address.

Order Allocation

Dispatchers receive incoming delivery orders through the system. They allocate orders to available drivers based on proximity, capacity and urgency.

Real-Time Monitoring

Dispatchers use tracking tools to monitor drivers’ locations in real-time. They ensure drivers are following the designated routes and meeting delivery timelines.

Driver Assignment

Dispatchers assign delivery tasks to drivers, considering their workload and location. They communicate delivery details to the drivers, including pickup and drop-off locations.

Route Planning and Optimization

Dispatchers use route optimization tools to plan efficient delivery routes for drivers. They consider real-time traffic data, delivery priorities and driver availability to create optimal routes.

Order Management

Provide a comprehensive order management system that allows BackOffice staff to view, edit, and process incoming delivery requests. Offer the ability to prioritize orders, assign drivers, and manage delivery schedules efficiently.

Driver Management

Develop tools to onboard and manage a fleet of drivers, including background checks, documentation verification, and driver performance monitoring. Allow BackOffice staff to assign drivers to specific delivery tasks based on their availability and location.


Route Optimization Tools

Offer advanced route planning and optimization tools that BackOffice staff can use to create efficient delivery routes for drivers. Incorporate real-time traffic and weather data to adjust routes as needed.

Inventory and Stock Management

Provide features for tracking inventory levels, ensuring that the right products are available for delivery. Integrate alerts for low stock levels and automated restocking workflows.

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