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Fast and reliable Last Mile Delivery CabStartup’s ride-hailing app provides an easy and dependable solution for businesses and individuals in need of efficient goods delivery.

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Fast and Reliable Delivery

Our Last Mile Delivery service ensures quick and trustworthy delivery of goods to their final destination. Whether it’s packages, groceries, food, or other items

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Quick and Reliable

Experience prompt and reliable Last Mile Delivery Our service ensures the swift and secure transportation of various goods to their final destination, including food, groceries, packages and more.

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Effective Delivery

Revamp your business with CabStartup's taxi dispatch system! Enjoy personalized themes featuring your brand colors and logo. Leave the tech requirements to us while you focus on your core business. Seamless transition to CabStartup Taxi Dispatch System made simple!

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Unleash the convenience and reliability of our
Last Mile Delivery service through our ride hailing app

We are committed to fulfilling your Last Mile Delivery requirements with utmost efficiency and professionalism, catering to businesses seeking swift delivery solutions and individuals needing reliable services.

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Seamless Payment

Seamless and cashless transactions are. The airport pick-up fare is automatically calculated considering factors like distance and surcharges. Passengers can conveniently pay using multiple in-app payment options.

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Switching to Cabstartup Taxi Dispatch System is easy!


The mobility industry is experiencing a digital transformation. We completely understand this and thus help
you take your business to the next level with our taxi dispatch software..

Flexible Delivery Options

Tailored delivery options for every business’s ultimate taxi booking a scheduled delivery to accommodate diverse requirements. With this flexibility, we ensure that each customer’s unique delivery needs are met.

Dedicated Customer Service

Exceptional Last Mile Delivery with dedicated customer support! Our team is ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns. Stay connected for support, track your deliveries, and receive realtime updates on your delivery status.

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Contactless Delivery

Adapting to changing needs and safety concerns, our Last Mile Delivery service offers contactless delivery options. Customers can choose to have packages left at designated locations or minimize interaction during handover, ensuring a hygienic and safe delivery experience.

Affordable Solution

Efficient and cost-effective Last Mile Delivery! Our service eliminates the need for in-house infrastructure and resources. Businesses and individuals can enjoy competitive pricing and streamlined delivery services by utilizing our ride-hailing platform.

Seamless Expansion

Elevate your app’s versatility by seamlessly integrating last mile delivery services, offering passengers a one-stop solution for both rides and deliveries.

Real-time Tracking

Empower users to track their deliveries just like they track rides, providing a familiar and transparent experience that ensures reliability and accountability.

Solution Last mile over Driver App

Driver Synergy

Maximize efficiency by enabling ride-hailing drivers to take on delivery tasks during periods of lower ride demand, optimizing their earnings and keeping the fleet agile.

Dynamic Pricing

Implement dynamic delivery pricing models, considering factors such as distance, delivery urgency and market demand, creating a fair system for users and drivers.

Our taxi booking software is ready to help you get
started with the best taxi booking app.

Our Last Mile Delivery service is designed to handle all types of volume of deliveries and can scale according to demand fluctuations

User Interface Integration Seamlessly integrate a new section within the ride-hailing app dedicated to last mile delivery services. Design an intuitive user interface allowing users to easily switch between ride and delivery modes.
Order Placement and Details Provide users with the option to select "Delivery" as their service type. Enable users to input delivery details, including pickup location, drop-off location, and delivery item specifics.
Driver Assignment and Communication Develop a driver allocation algorithm that factors in both ride and delivery requests, optimizing driver utilization. Facilitate clear communication channels between drivers and users for efficient pickup and delivery coordination.
Real-Time Tracking Implement a tracking feature for both rides and deliveries, allowing users to monitor their items' progress in real-time. Provide estimated delivery times and route updates to enhance transparency.
Payment and Pricing Integrate a dynamic delivery pricing system based on distance, urgency, and package size. Enable users to pay for both ride and delivery services using the same payment methods within the app.
Driver Training and Support Offer training modules for drivers to ensure they understand the delivery process and guidelines. Provide driver support through in-app assistance or a dedicated support team for any delivery-related queries.
User Feedback and Ratings Allow users to provide feedback and rate the delivery experience, contributing to driver accountability and service improvement.
Promotions and Incentives Introduce promotions or incentives to encourage drivers to take on both ride and delivery tasks during peak and off-peak times.
Contactless Deliveries Implement contactless delivery options, enabling users to request no-contact drop-offs for added safety and hygiene.
Analytics and Optimization: Collect and analyze data on delivery patterns, user preferences, and driver performance to refine the last-mile delivery module over time.

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