CabStartup's Taxi Dispatch Solution involves several steps

 that drivers follow to provide efficient and convenient taxi services. Here’s an overview of how it works for drivers


Supplier Dashboard

Central hub for managing incoming orders, inventory and order processing. Clear overview of order status, including pending, confirmed, and dispatched orders. Quick access to inventory levels, enabling proactive stock management.

Order Processing & Confirmation

Receive order requests from pharmacies and confirm them. Provide estimated delivery times to pharmacies for accurate communication with patients. Streamlined order confirmation process to ensure prompt deliveries.

Medical Pharmacy Features

Inventory Management

Real-time tracking of medication stock levels. Automated low stock alerts to prevent out-of-stock situations. Integration with pharmacy systems to ensure accurate product availability.

Communication Tools

Messaging system to communicate with pharmacies about order details, changes and issues. Coordination with delivery teams for smooth order dispatch and tracking. Notifications to update pharmacies about order processing and delivery status.


Online Ordering Platform

Mobile app or a user-friendly website that allows patients to place orders for their medications. Patients can upload prescriptions, select the medicines they need and provide delivery details.

Prescription Verification

Our solution has a strong system for verifying prescriptions to ensure that only valid orders are processed and delivered. This might involve integrating with healthcare providers’ electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

Medical Pharmacy Features

Pharmacy Integration

CabStartup seamless integration helps you to work with local pharmacies to fulfill the medication orders. When an order is placed, the system automatically communicates with the nearest partner pharmacy for dispensing.

Delivery Options

You can offer various delivery options such as standard delivery, express delivery or same-day delivery for urgent medications.



User Registration and Profile Management

Allow patients and healthcare providers to register and create profiles. Enable users to manage their personal information, prescription details and delivery preferences.

Medicine Ordering and Prescription Management

Provide a user-friendly interface for users to order medicines. Allow users to upload prescriptions securely. Offer a prescription storage system for easy reordering.

Inventory Management

Maintain an up-to-date database of available medicines and their quantities. Alert administrators when stock levels are low. Automatically update inventory as orders are processed.

Delivery Tracking and Notifications

Real-time tracking of deliveries for both patients and dispatchers. Send notifications (SMS, email or in-app) to users with updates on their delivery status. Provide estimated arrival times for added convenience.


User and Account Management

Admin dashboard to manage user accounts and access permissions. The ability to add, remove or modify user profiles, including healthcare providers, pharmacies, dispatchers and delivery personnel.

Order Management

Comprehensive order tracking and management tools. The ability to view, modify, or cancel orders on behalf of patients or healthcare providers. Order history and reporting for auditing and analytics.


Inventory and Medication Management

Inventory control to monitor stock levels and expiration dates. Tools for adding, updating or removing medications from the catalog. Integration with medication databases to ensure accurate information.

Dispatch and Delivery Assignment

Dispatchers can view and manage incoming orders, assign deliveries to drivers or couriers and optimize routes. Real-time tracking of delivery personnel and orders in progress. Tools for rerouting or reassigning deliveries in case of issues.

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