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Order Assignment

When a customer places an order for their prescribed medications through a mobile app or website, our system assigns the delivery request to an available driver based on proximity and workload. This ensures efficient order distribution.

Real-time Tracking

Customers can track the progress of their medicine delivery in real-time, knowing exactly when the driver will arrive. This transparency enhances the overall user experience and reduces anxiety about delivery times.

Medical Pharmacy Features

Secure Medication Handling

Our drivers are trained to handle medications with utmost care. Medicines are stored in temperature-controlled compartments to maintain their integrity during transit. 

Contactless Delivery

In the era of social distancing, our drivers practice contactless delivery by leaving the package at the customer’s doorstep, ringing the bell  and stepping back to maintain a safe distance. 

Online Ordering Platform

CabStartup’s Medicine Delivery Solution includes an online platform, a website or mobile app, where customers can register and log in to place their medicine orders. Customers can search for medicines add them to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Prescription Verification

To ensure the safety and legality of the order, the solution require customers to upload a legal prescription from a qualified healthcare professional. This step prevents the sale of prescription medicines without proper authorization.

Medical Pharmacy Features

Pharmacy Partner Integration

CabStartup software allows partner with various local pharmacies. Once an order is placed, the solution would automatically route it to the nearest or preferred partner pharmacy for fulfillment.

Order Processing

The partner pharmacy receives the order and verifies the prescription, ensuring that the requested medicines are in stock. In case of any issues, they may contact the customer for clarification.

Order Reception and Prioritization

Incoming orders are received by our dispatcher software, which assesses the urgency and location of each request. Priority is given to critical medications and proximity to ensure efficient allocation.

Driver Dispatch and Routing

Dispatchers assign delivery orders to the nearest available drivers, taking into account traffic conditions and time-sensitive prescriptions. This maximizes delivery efficiency.

Real-time Communication

Dispatchers maintain constant communication with drivers through our mobile app, providing updates, rerouting instructions, and addressing any unforeseen challenges or customer inquiries.

Inventory Management

Dispatchers monitor medication stock levels at partner pharmacies, triggering restocking orders when necessary to ensure a seamless supply of medicines for delivery.ailable medicines and their quantities. 

Order Processing and Verification

In the backoffice, incoming orders are meticulously reviewed, and medications are verified against prescriptions to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards.

Inventory Control and Supplier Coordination

Backoffice staff manage inventory levels, coordinating with pharmaceutical suppliers to maintain an adequate stock of medications and minimize the risk of shortages.


Route Optimization and Scheduling

Backoffice personnel use advanced algorithms to optimize delivery routes, considering factors like traffic, driver availability, and order urgency to enhance delivery efficiency.

Customer Support and Query Resolution

Our backoffice team provides customer support, addressing inquiries, concerns, and issues promptly, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction.


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