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Project Description

Minicab Booking and Dispatch System and fleet management software for Minicab Companies

Minicab is among one of the most frequently used services in the taxi industry all around the world. Are you looking to have your minicab dispatch system built, or maybe a minicab booking software? For anyone who wants to get involved in the taxi business with a new unique idea, starting out with minicab might just be the right idea. There are multiple benefits of starting a minicab business as it is among the most preferred transport mediums used by communities, especially the working class, as they see fit to travel between their workplace and home in a comfortable and fast vehicle.

The compact size minicabs also provide the advantage of them traversing more smoothly on streets, and a major highlight is that your chances of getting stuck in traffic are bare minimum, as they are able to squeeze through many spaces effortlessly, whereas a regular yellow taxi cab would get stuck in lines for hours on the street. Our minicab booking application will guarantee you the best minicab booking management system. There are a number of software for minicab companies, such as minicab dispatch software or minicab booking software among others, but Cab Startup is way ahead thanks to our team of experts, having done work previously on many cab booking applications, including yellow cab monitoring system, and also online bike taxi booking system.

Not only do we provide you a great solution in a cost-effective way, we also offer guidelines and consultancy at each step of the way. Taking your business idea to the next level is what Cab Startup aims for, and to ensure that your business has a high success rate, we perform a detailed market analysis, keeping in mind your target audience, noting down each and everything that will help you in creating a successful market strategy.