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Minicab Dispatch Software

minicab dispatch software

About Minicab Industry

Minicab is one of the most frequently used services amongst all other available options in ride-hailing. If you intend to invest in a business idea with an established market that can earn eminent sums of profits for you; minicab should be your choice.

The compact size of minicabs enable passengers to reach destination relatively quicker. It holds the highest significance  amongst working class for its cost-effectiveness.

CabStartup minicab dispatch software is designed to maximize the benefits for drivers, passengers, and the business owners. You can acquire minicab booking system and integrate it with your existing taxi management software. You may also use it for an entirely separate service.

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What is a White Label Dispatch Solution?

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Services for Minicab Businesses

Minicab Dispatch Platform
Empower your business with the most comprehensive and widely used minicab management software including driver app, passenger app, admin panel, and dispatch panel.
Market Research
User behaviors are at the forefront of cab industry development. Our tech intensive research enables you to determine the driving force behind consumer trends.
UX Enhancement
User experience (UX) is one of the top reasons pushing users to continue or quit an app. Ensure that your app is comfortable enough to use for all kinds of users.
Business Branding
Branding is crucial for your business recognition. Our experts can assist you in developing topline brand identity with unparalleled customization of your taxi app.
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Who we are ?

CabStartup is a team of experienced technology leaders who work on several cabs booking applications to boost sustainability in ride-hailing industry. Our software solutions include yellow cab monitoring system, and online bike taxi booking system.

What we do ?

CabStartup ensures that users are given the best minicab booking management system. We perform extensive market analysis to know more about the target audience, with the aim of shaping up the best marketing strategy to deliver the most relevant software system.

How we do it ?

CabStartup gives a comprehensive package of minicab dispatch software in the form of minicab booking application. The platform includes native apps for drivers and passengers. Moreover, it also offers an admin panel for administrative tasks and a dispatcher.

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