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Route Optimization

Route optimization is a feature that helps drivers plan the most efficient routes for their moves. It takes into account aspects such as traffic conditions, distance, and delivery schedules. 

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Real-time GPS tracking allows drivers to stay connected with dispatchers and customers. It provides accurate location information, ensuring that the driver and the cargo are always visible. This feature enhances safety, helps manage delivery timelines, and provides transparency to customers.

Packers & Movers Features

Mobile App Integration

Mobile app integration provides drivers with a dedicated application that they can use on their smartphones or tablets. This app enables them to access job details, receive updates, capture digital signatures upon delivery, and communicate with dispatch and customers while on the go.

Inventory Management

Inventory management features allow drivers to maintain a digital inventory of items being transported. This includes item descriptions, quantities, and condition notes. 


Online Booking and Quotation

Passengers can use the software to request moving services online. They can input details about their move, such as the origin, destination, and items to be moved, to receive quick and accurate quotations.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking features provide customers with the ability to track the progress of their move in real-time. They can monitor the location of the moving vehicle, receive estimated arrival times.

Packers & Movers Features

Communication and Customer Support

Communication features enable customers to easily reach out to the moving company’s customer support team. They can inquire about the move’s status, ask questions, and receive updates. 

Online Payment and Invoicing

Passengers can make payments securely through the software system, simplifying the billing process.



Job Assignment and Scheduling

Dispatchers can use the software to efficiently assign jobs to crews and vehicles. It assists in scheduling moves based on available resources, optimizing routes, and ensuring that the right team is assigned to each job. 

Real-Time GPS Tracking and Monitoring

Dispatchers have access to real-time GPS tracking of all moving vehicles. This feature allows them to monitor the exact location of each vehicle, track progress, and respond quickly to any unexpected situations or delays.

Communication and Messaging

The software provides a platform for efficient communication between dispatchers, drivers, and movers. Dispatchers can send important messages, updates, and instructions to field teams in real-time. 

Inventory and Resource Management

Dispatchers can manage inventory and resources effectively through the software. This includes tracking the availability of trucks, packing supplies, and crew members. 


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM features enable the back office to manage customer information and interactions efficiently. They can maintain a database of customer details, communication history, and preferences. This helps in providing personalized service and building long-term customer relationships.

Billing and Invoicing

Back office staff can generate invoices, track payments, and manage billing processes digitally. This feature streamlines financial transactions, reduces manual paperwork, and ensures accurate billing for services rendered.


Document Management

Document management features allow the back office to maintain digital records of all essential documents, including contracts, agreements, insurance papers, and permits. This ensures easy access to critical documents, simplifies compliance, and facilitates audits.

Resource and Inventory Management

Back office personnel can monitor and manage resources such as vehicles, packing supplies, and manpower. This helps in optimizing resource allocation, reducing costs, and ensuring that the right assets are available for each move.

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