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Paratransit Dispatch System

About Paratransit Dispatch System

The paratransit is a special transit service for the people who suffer any disability and usually provided on a fixed route. Paratransit my consists of a small bus or a taxi that run on a defined route and drop off the passengers on their request. This service is much common in North America, Europe, and Oceania region.

The Paratransit service ridership is increasing each year at almost 10%. However, the cost to provide such service is higher than general public transit but this is a big need for developed communities and often some paratransit services are funded by the government.

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Who we are ?

We at CabStartup Cloud provides a real-time transportation and transit booking system to improve the paratransit service management. We help entrepreneurs, taxi business owners and government-funded transit services to earn more revenues utilizing the best technology solution.

What we do ?

CabStartup Cloud will give you a kickstart by providing a cloud-based on-demand paratransit service management solution. It will help you to avoid a headache to go through a lengthy solution development process.

How we do it ?

With our cloud-based paratransit dispatch system, your riders with be getting a favorable experience. Along with dispatch solution, we provide user-friendly Apple and Android applications, to book the rides both online and offline.

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