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Passenger App Details

Sign up
Passengers can create a profile using their phone numbers.
Previously registered users can log in to the app using their phone number and password.
Forgot Password
An already registered phone number can recover the password using the FORGOT PASSWORD option.
Manage Profile
Passengers can manage their profiles by updating full name, email, password, picture, credit/debit card info. However, he cannot update his phone number
Trip History
The customers can review the complete details and history of the previous rides completed or canceled.
Select Pickup and Drop-off Locations
The passengers can pinpoint the pickup and drop-off locations on a map or choose from Google places as well.
Proximity Search feature
Passengers can locate drivers on the map, and view number of drivers nearby.
Hire Driver
The passengers can hire a driver on demand by choosing one of the available vehicle types.
Phone Call to Driver
The passenger can contact the hired driver via a regular phone call.
Send Request to Nearby Driver
As soon a passenger chooses the pickup point, the type of service and hits the ‘Confirm' button the request is sent to the nearest driver.
Ride Acceptance Scenario
Once the ride request of the passenger is accepted, he can track the driver in real-time on the map and see the driver details. The passenger can call the driver or he can cancel the ride.
Status Updates
The passenger also receives status updates from the driver that includes: The driver is On His Way, Driver Has Arrived, Driver Started the Ride, Driver Finished the Ride.
Cancellation Scenarios
The passenger can cancel the ride after requesting it. However, he cannot cancel it once the trip has started. Charges will be applied if cancellation is made within the time limit.
E-receipt includes pickup, drop-off address, driver picture, name, trip I.D, amount, star rating with an additional text feedback option.
Rate the Driver and Post Review
Passengers can add reviews to the driver's profile along with rating the driver out of five stars.
Promo and Referral Codes
Passengers can avail discount by using promo codes. They can share their referral codes with their contacts. Both the referrer and the person entering the referral code will get a discount.
Payment Methods
The passengers can pay using cash, credit card, and wallet. If the passenger already has some amount in his wallet, then the fare amount will be deducted from the wallet. Otherwise, he would have to pay.
Fare Calculation
The calculated fare of each ride is displayed to the passenger instantly as the trip completes which is calculated based on the formula selected by the admin.
Side menu
The passenger can see his picture, name, star rating and the ability to edit profile in the side menu. Sliding Menu has these options: Book a Ride, Trip History, Wallet, Customer Support, Logout.

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