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Pedicab Dispatch System

Pedicab Dispatch System

About Pedicab Industry

Many businesses in ride-hailing emerge every year to revive one of the older means of transport. Pedicab is no longer a conventional option today in the presence of automobiles. However, consumers love to travel by it to get an unusual experience. Some low-income areas use pedicab to provide a cost-efficient ride-hailing option.

Pedicab industry marks its presence in five continents. Apart from on-demand model, this service also enables service providers to offer ridesharing model so that multiple passengers can share same ride.

Some of the countries where Pedicab is popular include Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, China, Thailand, among others. The rising voices for environmentally sustainable ride-hailing options would further ignite the demand for Pedicab.

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Services for Pedicab Businesses

Pedicab Dispatch Platform
Supplement your business with a dispatch platform that is flexible enough to allow future integrations yet simultaneously specific enough to pedicab on-demand business.
Market Research
A range of factors affect consumer behavior. We assist businesses in making segmentation of users based on geography, demography, and socioeconomic circumstances.
UX Enhancement
User experience is crucial for retaining consumers. CabStartup helps you in ensuring seamless experience for users by improving app performance and interfaces.
Business Branding
A brand name, its logo, the color scheme and a bunch of other units integrate to form business branding. You can customize CabStartup platform as per your business needs.
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Who we are ?

CabStartup designs and develops ride-hailing solutions for taxi and rideshare industries. The growing interest of investors and entrepreneurs in pedicab industry pushed us to develop a solution that is customized to this industry's needs.

What we do ?

CabStartup offers Pedicab Software to clients who intend to revive pedicab industry by incorporating advanced on-demand technologies. Our Pedicab app solution features on-demand Pedicab booking system, along with Pedicab monitoring system.

How we do it ?

We make your business management more secure with real-time tracking and efficient route optimization. Our team of experts makes sure you stay ahead of the competitors by performing a feasibility study of your business idea and finding the appropriate solution.

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