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Pet Pickup and Dropoff

It simplifies the process of collecting and delivering pets to their respective destinations for drivers. It ensures efficient and safe transportation, allowing drivers to provide reliable and punctual pet care services.

Real-Time Pet Updates

This enables drivers to provide pet owners with instant notifications and information about their pet’s well being and activities during the care service.

Pet Care Features

Navigation & Route Optimization

It assists drivers in finding the best and quickest routes to reach pet owners and their pets efficiently. It optimizes navigation to ensure timely and smooth pet care services.

Payment and Earnings Tracking

It helps drivers manage their income by tracking payments for pet care services. It provides a convenient way for drivers to monitor their earnings and financial transactions within the app.

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Convenient Pet Care Booking

Pet owners can easily browse and select pet sitters, schedule services, and make bookings with just a few taps on their mobile device. It streamlines the process of finding and arranging pet care, ensuring hassle-free and efficient booking experiences.

Peace of Mind

Pet owners will receive real-time updates and notifications about their pet’s well-being, activities and care while they are away. It fosters trust and reassurance, helping pet owners to have peace of mind as their beloved pets are in safe and caring hands.


Health Monitoring

This empowers pet owners to keep the road of their pet’s medical history, vaccination records, and any health-related information within the app. It empowers pet owners to ensure their pet’s health and well-being are effectively monitored and managed.

Timely Communication

It facilitates instant and seamless communication between pet owners and pet sitters, allowing pet owners to receive updates, messages and information about their pet’s care and well-being in real-time.



Service Management

Dispatchers can efficiently assign and oversee pet care services to drivers, ensuring that all requests are handled promptly and smoothly. It streamlines the process of service allocation, optimizing service delivery for pet owners and drivers.

Real-Time Monitoring

This provides dispatchers with live updates and insights into the status and progress of pet care services, enabling them to make decisions and respond quickly to any changes or issues. It enhances the dispatcher’s ability to oversee operations effectively.

Communication Hub

It is a central platform for dispatchers to interact with drivers, pet owners and other stakeholders. It facilitates seamless and timely communication, ensuring that messages, updates and instructions are efficiently relayed to the relevant parties, enhancing overall coordination.

Data Management

Dispatchers can efficiently handle and organize essential information related to pet care services, drivers and pet owners. It ensures data accuracy and accessibility, contributing to effective decision-making and service management.


Business Analytics and Reporting

This feature involves examining information and generating reports to understand how the pet care business is performing. It helps in making informed decisions and tracking progress.

Staff Management

Businesses can efficiently oversee their employees, ensuring tasks are assigned, and schedules are maintained. It streamlines workforce operations, promoting smooth staff management.


Financial Management

Businesses can effectively handle their finances, including income, expenses and budgeting. It ensures financial oversight and control for better financial planning.

Compliance and Data Security

Ensures that the pet care app follows regulations and safeguards data, providing protection and peace of mind regarding data privacy and industry compliance.

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