Streamline Your Pet Care Business with Ease

CabStartup software simplifies and optimizes various aspects of pet care businesses, making day-to-day operations more efficient. It implies that the software can help manage appointments, invoicing and client communication, reducing administrative burdens.


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Your Pet's Health All
in One Place

Our Pet Care Software is capable to centralize and organize a pet's health-related information, such as vaccination records, medication schedules and medical history. It appeals to pet owners who want a convenient way to manage their pet's well-being.

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Pamper Pets Manage Centers with Perfection

Our software provides solution of pampering and managing pets in care centers seamlessly. Pamper Pets suggests that the software helps provide the best care for pets, emphasizing their comfort and happiness. Manage Centers highlights the software's role in efficiently running care facilities. Our software offers for pet daycare centers.

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Tailored Pet Care at
Your Fingertips.

CabStartup software provides personalized and customizable pet care solutions. It suggests that users can adapt the software to their specific needs, whether they are pet owners seeking individualized care or businesses offering personalized services.

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Empowering Pet Owners for Peace
of Mind.

Our software keeps record of appointment scheduling and reminder features, emphasizing its value in helping pet owners and pet care businesses stay organized and punctual. This software features eliminates the risk of forgetting important pet-related appointments.

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A Pet Care Solution Is Essential for Pet Owners and Companies


Navigation for Pet Care Services

It provides drivers with clear directions to pick up and drop off pets, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Whether it’s a routine check-up or an emergency, 

Pickup and Dropoff Scheduling

This feature enables drivers to efficiently plan and manage their pet care appointments. It allows them to set specific time slots for picking up and dropping off pets, ensuring a well-organized and timely service. 

Pet Health Tracking

Drivers can monitor and record important health information about the pets they care for. This includes details like medication schedules, dietary requirements and any health issues or concerns. 

Communication with Pet Owners

It allows drivers to stay in touch with pet owners easily. They can provide real-time updates on their pet’s well-being, share photos or videos and address any questions or concerns.

Pet Sitter Selection

Pet owners can browse and choose the perfect pet sitter for their furry friend. It provides profiles and details of available pet sitters, including their experience, ratings, and availability. 

Service Booking

Customers can easily schedule and book pet care services. Pet owners can easily select the type of service they need, choose the date and time and confirm their booking through the app. It’s a convenient and efficient way to ensure that their pets receive the care and attention they require.

Pet Health Information

Pet owners can store and access essential health details about their pets, such as vaccination records and medical history. This ensures that pet sitters have the necessary information to provide proper care and attention to the pets they look after.

Real-Time Updates

Pet owners can get instant notifications and information about their pet’s well-being, activities and any special events during the care service. It keeps pet owners informed and reassured about their pet’s status in real-time.


Why Our Taxi Dispatch and Ride-Hailing Software is Unique?

Pet Scheduling and Booking Module It enables pet owners to easily schedule and book pet care services. It simplifies the process of setting appointments, ensuring pet owners can plan and manage their pet's care with convenience and efficiency.
Pet Health Module Pet owners can keep digital health record of their pets, allowing pet owners and caregivers to maintain and access important medical information and history. It ensures that pet health is effectively monitored and managed, enhancing the quality of care provided.
Pet Owner Communication Module This facilitates seamless and real-time communication between pet owners and pet care service providers. It ensures that pet owners receive updates, messages, and information about their pet's well-being and care, fostering trust and transparency.
Payment and Billing Module It helps with paying for pet care services and keeping track of the costs. You can pay for things and see how much you owe, making it easier to manage your pet's expenses.
Mobile App or Driver Module It is designed to make it easier for drivers to provide their services and for customers to book and manage their rides. It simplifies the process of matching drivers with passengers and ensures a smooth and efficient experience for both parties.

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